Here’s Your Sign

This is why I don’t travel anymore.



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  1. A Buddy Told Me about The Toilets they had in a Tiny American Town at a U.S Kayaking Event. There Were Signs Between Each Urinal ” Do Not Eat Pink Cakes Not Food ” He Figured They’d Never Seen One, then He Says they Do Smell Pretty Good Though !!!

  2. I know I’m showing my age here, but does anyone remember Burma-shave signs?

    No? I didn’t think so.

    Speaking of age, I just realized that as of today, if my father were still alive, he would be 117 years old. I bet not too many people here can say that (I was a “late in life” baby for him).

    Anyway…Happy Birthday, Dad!


  3. When we were young and didn’t have electronic games to occupy our minds on road trips we had the Burma Shave Signs alright! We wouldn’t dare nod off because we might miss one or more of them!

  4. Here in Eastern Washington we always had signs about eating at Tiny’s in Cashmere, Wa. alongside the road. I don’t think we ever stopped there. And the ubiquitous Aplets and Cotlets signs also in Cashmere. And who doesn’t remember the stop at the Snakepit (In Stateline, Idaho) signs or some other cheesy tourist attraction along side the road back in the 50’s and 50’s. It didn’t matter for my Dad since he wouldn’t stop once he got going and if you didn’t pee before you left you were out of luck. Including the time he made one of my brothers kneel down in the back of our 53 Packard Clipper and pee in a jar, who gave the jar to my Mom and she threw the pee out of the front window only to end up coming into the back seat thru the open rear window hitting one of my brothers right in the face and he still didn’t stop, just clean it up and keep on going. Road trips were very memorable back then.

  5. @geoff the aardvark: Damn, that’s funny. Dads were definitely made of sterner stuff back in the day, weren’t they? I know mine was.

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