Hey Man, Nice Shot

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  1. Talk about hitting Hillary when she’s down!

    Just think of all the cash the Clinton Foundation would be raking in if she were president during Hurricane Harvey.

    Such an opportunity lost!

  2. Is the denial from someone whom did not see it happen?>>>

    Something about Trump hitting the ball in the daytime and having so much hang time that night falls being an impossibility.

    I might take down the post.
    I’m afraid Spencer Ackerman or Vox might not respect me anymore.

  3. Fur, Spencer Ackerman and Vox would make a point that Trump did it during the hurricane, ignoring the victims![insert eleventy here]

  4. O crap who put the golf green at airport, yes I know he is not actually on the green, wait I know hit the ball into a different time zone

  5. This is terrible. Out of bounds on the tee shot – Trump is looking at a triple bogey or worse.

  6. @Not me- I think he swung for the fences and it caught the jet stream, to where if Hillary wasn’t blocking it, the ball could have continued for quite some time, setting a world’s record. But noooo. That bitch gets in the way of everything!!!

  7. If the truth were known, the ball escaped the gravitational pull of the earth, which renders traditional distance computations irrelevant.

  8. Ball somewhat larger on landing, low aspherical pressure broke some of the little rubber bands, or ice buildup?

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