High-Tech Traitors Are Social Justice Warriors 1st, Businessmen 2nd


“More than 100 companies, including most of high-tech’s biggest names,” have threatened to “move jobs outside the United States,” unless they get their way.

What do they want? They want President Trump to give up on “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States,” the POTUS’s Executive Order, currently being refined to withstand legal challenges from these and related special interests.

Where will America’s “tech titans” go? Presumably to the banned countries, without whose high-tech talent our companies cannot do business. Or, so their antics imply. Washington State, which led the charge against President Trump’s “travel ban” on Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Libya and Iran is home to some of these powerful, high-tech traitors.

Why the strong language?

I’ve yet to hear of a single coveted Syrian, Yemeni, Somali, Sudanese, Iraqi and Libyan needed right away in Redmond for his exceptional, technical know-how.

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19 Comments on High-Tech Traitors Are Social Justice Warriors 1st, Businessmen 2nd

  1. The technical people from those nations are really good at building bombs. But let them leave, just make sure that their products are taxed with severe tariffs when shipped into the country, we have too much electro-tech crap in our lives anyway.

  2. i say go, and go asap. My guess is there are hundreds more of new techis just waiting for this unholy monopoly to die off.

  3. Why do these libtards not understand that they will be just as dead as the rest of us? Do they think they can just run out and scream “But wait! I’m one of you!” and they will be spared?

  4. Who knew that in libyan or somalian tents loaded with camel shit there are tech geniuses living there who can solve all US tech companies’research problems? These people are as simple as the day is long.

  5. This is terrible! These companies are vital to America’s very survival!! If they leave, the Americans left behind will have to, somehow, figure out how to do the jobs that are better done by foreigners, in America!!! There’s only one thing to do!!!! We can’t wait until they actually leave!!!!! Then it will be too late!!!!! The federal government (executive branch, of course) must cancel ALL H-1B visas, IMMEDIATELY, offering extensions only to those training their American replacements!!!!!!! Then “assess” a “fair” repatriation charge to their previous employers, to ensure their safe and secure, government chartered, arrival back home!!!!!!!!

  6. I work in “high tech” at a fortune 100 company. I often see these “imigrants” getting crucial jobs not because they are competent, but because they are cheap and meet an “inclusion criteria”. They fuck up right and left and always get a pass. They have to actually do something criminal in order to be let go.

  7. If ppl in the US REALLY understood the deep, wide spread damage that the H1B visas & green card holders do to destroy their jobs, they’d form up in to torch bearing mobs.

  8. So leave already. It’s not like a bunch Americans work for them. If these companies skedaddle, they will just put a bunch of H-1b visa holders on notice.

  9. Funny thing is that I suspect most of these companies came into existence overnight and were successful almost immediately because that’s the nature of hi-tech. For example if Apple walked and the government then created a huge tariff on incoming Apple products how long do you think it would take a new Apple in the US to form? I’d say a few months. People would sell off Apple stock to buy the new one right quick. Remember what happened to Blackberry. They were on top of the heap with people saying they were bulletproof and inside a year the writing was on the wall. They lasted a few more years but were eventually driven out of the business. These companies realize and this is just CEO’s jerking off.


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