Hillary Clinton is the best at failure and you can’t take that away from her

MSNBC Panel: Hillary ‘Didn’t Lose,’ She Had a ‘Successful Failure’.

MRC : It appears some Hillary Clinton supporters still haven’t accepted that she lost the election. Here’s an example: Sirius XM radio host Mark Thompson joined an MSNBC panel Saturday to provide liberal spin on the results of the presidential race.

“We talked about sore winners in the earlier segment. We really didn’t lose. This was sort of a successful failure,” he said of Clinton’s loss.

Watch the stupid in action here.

22 Comments on Hillary Clinton is the best at failure and you can’t take that away from her

  1. somewhat like bluffing in poker or trying to get the Donald to contest NewHampsure, that would have been good for weeks of not fake news.

  2. Yep the economy is roaring after Trump was elected and started saving jobs and creating new ones before even taking office. They are going to spend the next 40+ days trying to convince everyone Trump is inheriting the best economy ever. What a joke.

  3. The deplorables stomped the dilusionals Mark, get over it.
    What type of furry animal does this blow-hard, Thompson, have attached to the back of his head? Skunk? Squirrel? Possum? Coon?

  4. For some twenty years after the war there were oddball Japs still running around the jungle who refused to believe we won WWII.
    Same kind of Oddball, different jungle!

  5. So glad I was able to be a participant in rewarding Hiligula and her minions with the title “Successful Loser”. They all wear it well.

  6. That’s ‘xactly what happened Sunday: Damn tootin.’ Copperdick and the 49ers had a “successful failure” against the Bears. 26/6

  7. Moe Tom, that’s a Hogs nest on the back of his head!
    The sheer weight of it was draining his brain, made him say that!

    annie Go Trump

  8. Where do they find these stupid SOB’s? Is there an A%%hole Hotlne? Do they sand on the street corners with signs, “Will be a stupid SOB for food”?

  9. If failure was the goal, she was extremely successful, perhaps even more so than her 2008 failure.

    Then again, this just goes along with the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality of the progressives. Sort of makes your head hurt, doesn’t it?

  10. My definition of a successful failure: Joe thinks that Mike was banging his wife. Joe gets a gun and decides to kill Mike. He waits for Mike in an ally and fires a shot at Mike, but misses. Mike runs away. Joe, pisses off, goes to his friend John’s house and finds his wife in bed with John. Now that’s a successful failure .
    Can any of you do better?

  11. Tonight I had an ace high flush after the third card. Two cards to go and I upped the anti, raised, and was raised. I was beaten by a full house. That could be a sort of successful failure? No? I’m just trying to figure out what the fuck this asshole Thompson means?


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