Hillary has forever destroyed my faith in lawyer politicians

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  1. I bet Cankles digs even deeper in her root cellar for cover now. Hard to refute truth, when it is a foreign entity to oneself. She and Bill haven’t been butt-whipped by the truth in decades. Payback’s a bitch, and then some.

  2. Who was that lawyer?…the same contemptible, evil woman who would lie to the parents of the dead Benghazi heroes over their coffins…and then say those parents are the ones who are lying.

  3. I just ran real quick to the grocery store. On my way down the street I noticed that my neighbor who has the Hillary 2016 lawn sign added a second, hand-made lawn sign to her front yard. This one read: “Trump is a racist, misogynist and xenophobe.” I’m tempted to add a sign to her yard, “Hillary gets rapists off.”

    Some people are too stupid to breed.

  4. “…forever destroyed my faith in lawyer politicians.”



    In …lawyer …politicians?



  5. “…forever destroyed my faith in lawyer politicians.”

    you don’t pay much attention to the professional lawyer politicians actions do you?

  6. IF the Left had a conscience….
    IF the Left had morals or ethics….
    IF the Left had a shred of humanity (some might call “a soul”)….


    And THIS GIRL (now a woman) IS THE CONSEQUENCE.

  7. @Voir dire, nice sentiments but nothing will come of it. The people who need to see this won’t. Those few who do, will refuse to believe it. You attribute normal, logical, moral thought processes to those who have none.


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