Hillary is super-mad at Matt Lauer, NBC

She says the media was treating Donald Trump like a king while they were being so mean to her!  Why? Because they asked questions!!! Do you hear me? Questions!!! And they know they’re not supposed to ask the precious Hillary any real questions. So now, she’s  accusing  and insulting her friends for her failures- which is strange, because doesn’t she need their help in the future if she plans to run again?

Clinton Lays Into Matt Lauer For Asking About Her Emails


24 Comments on Hillary is super-mad at Matt Lauer, NBC

  1. Questions for her must be submitted two weeks in advance to prevent her from looking like a dumb ass on TV. Too late, Princess, that boat sailed years ago.

  2. The Media is Over Hill’y , and Nobody’s Clued Her In ! She’s Clearly Not Going To Get The Leeway She Did !
    Hill’y People Come and Go , It’s Time To Go !!!

  3. Lauer forgot he was part of the MSM machine or more likely didn’t realize the GENIUS and entitled Clinton guaranteed to be the next POTUS along with her political machine had actually not bothered to even prepare for the pretense of hard ball questions. Lauer was actually treated as if he had an R after his name and may still be mud to some HRC supporters.

  4. Come ON. This Bitch is Insane in the Membrane. When is the media going to tap out covering the mentally ill. Think back about the first description of here in public life. Dirty, smelly, unshaven, argumentative. A hick. It figures.

  5. How dare lauer ask evil bitch any questions not approved ahead of time? I saw the interview, EB was beside herself, her head almost was spinning around. Good stuff. Part of her meltdown on the road to failure. Good job DJT

  6. This interview was merely a stumble on the road to Cavalry while Hillary prepared for eternal martyrdom. Since she was denied the Presidency twice by unbelievers, this book is an attempt to rewrite history by the Enevitable One Who Will Not Go Away. Is it just a coincidence that in Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” Judas is portrayed as a negro? Could this be just a coincidence? More will be revealed as Hillary continues her sad journey to its enevitable conclusion.

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