Hillary Openly Muses On Divorce From Bill In New Memoir

DC: Excerpts of Hillary Clinton’s memoir surfacing online reveal her most personal thoughts on her marriage with former President Bill Clinton.

In Clinton’s upcoming book, titled, “What Happened,” she opens up about her marriage with Bill and admits she openly contemplated divorce.

“I heard it again on the 2016 campaign … it’s just a marriage on paper now,” she writes.

She also writes, “There were times that I was deeply unsure about whether our marriage could or should survive.”


25 Comments on Hillary Openly Muses On Divorce From Bill In New Memoir

  1. But if I divorce him I’ll never ever, ever become the first woman president and that would absolutely ruin all my greatest hopes and dreams forever!

  2. I have maintained since the 90s that they are not husband and wife, but rather crooked criminal business partners… and still do now more than ever!

  3. That’s okay, Hillary. Obama considered living the gay lifestyle, but ultimately settled on a sham marriage, too. Hard choices.

  4. *yawn* Who gives a fuck?

    Yo – HRC – Shut the Fuck Up, Eat Shit, and Die!

    The ONLY way you could EVER serve your country.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. The money was too good to give up, money talks. Many women are willing to overlook their husbands transgressions to hold onto that nice house and have access to credit cards. Hillary is one of those women and another reason why she lost the race. No one respected her and still don’t and never will.

  6. hell probably took a small poll to decide if divorce would hurt or help her future plans.
    Also spouses cannot be compelled to testify against each other.

  7. She’ll never leave. He has the goods on her. She cannot take a chance he’ll talk. If he leaves, look for him at Fort Marcy Park with three bullet holes in the back of his head. No blood and no weapon will be found there either. Right Hillary?

  8. Many more happy days than sad days… is she counting all the fake photo ops? The dancing on the beach set-up, all the smiling photos of Bill and Hillary with their random fans that we find out are really hired staff. They are stuck together because of all their filthy secrets, lies and greed for money and power over anything else. I hope they spend out their remaining days in misery together alone in their compound.

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