Homeless Couple Having Sex In Public Last Straw: Denver Residents Moving Out

DENVER (CBS4) – A young couple in Denver’s West City Park neighborhood have put their home up for sale saying problems with Denver’s homeless population are driving them out of the city.

“It makes us extremely uncomfortable and we don’t want to live here any longer,” said the woman, who asked not to be identified.

“Increasingly every day it’s the number one reason I want to sell is because of the homeless situation.”

Their complaint is part of a growing chorus of Denver residents saying homeless issues have encroached into neighborhoods that previously saw minimal impact from Denver’s homeless population. One Denver police officer who patrols Denver’s Capitol Hill corridor told CBS4 60 to 80 percent of his service calls are from residents dealing with homeless men and women causing problems.  more

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  1. Note to other states voting on legalizing Marijuana in November, this is what legalized pot looks like. They don’t mention why all these homeless people now live in Denver/CO. Drugs and liberal tolerance that they have the right to sleep in public areas, of which there are many in this open space state. It is disgusting and disgraceful. Although ironically there may be affordable housing again as a result when everyone gets sick and tired of this BS.

  2. The ultra liberals will push for federal Tax dollars to build low income housing on the outskirts of town and provide free transportation, medical, food and energy assistance.
    Colorado, where we pay Colorado for the “U” in utopia.
    One toke over the line.

  3. Gee. A 100,000,000 people outta work on Obama’s watch, and he’s importing boat loads of inbred, illiterate, uneducated, unskilled, unteachable, satanic cult members from the middle east, every day. How does that commie bastard think he’s going to make things better? Oh, that’s right. Hand it off to Hillary.

  4. Time to put up notices in homeless areas to let the bums know they can move to Denver, have sex in public, be accepted by millions of ultra liberals, and get to meet and greet people just like themselves, all over the place.

  5. My husband and I visited Salt Lake City this summer (we are not Mormon, just wanted to visit a place where we had never been).

    What was notable that we saw signs posted that read “Please do not feed the panhandlers. Instead give to the charity of your choice.”

    There were no panhandlers, no beggars and the downtown was immaculate. Private donations and private charitable choices will succeed every time over government ‘help.’

  6. Yes, she voted for a Democrat Mayor, City council and a libtard appointed Police Chief. Chances are she voted to legalize pot and now she is going to move to a county like mine where we have strict pot laws as far as Colorado is concerned. She will keep voting her libtard ways and won’t she be surprised when there is human feces, needles and condoms outside her door yet again.

    I can’t stand these idiots. They vote their state (Ca) or their city (Denver) into the ground and then move to where things are not messed up and keep voting the same way.

  7. Those people are a little slow. I moved out of Denver about 20 years ago – because it sucked way too much even back then.
    Pot does make people stupid. Colorado is your proof.

  8. When you start seeing that shit in Aspen or Vail or Steamboat, then Action Will Be Taken. But on the west side in Denver?? No fucking way. These folks are SOL but on a positive note, if they bought their home more then a few years ago, they’ll bank.
    Denver is having another real estate bubble.

    Reefer getting legalized and Hick getting reelected were the last straws for me-too bad, it’s gorgeous. Hunting is fabulous, residential property taxes are reasonable, the snowboarding is mind blowing and the climate is ideal.

  9. So you vote for liberals, social justice, BLM, etc. making you feel so good and superior while believing it’ll never impact you directly. Well guess what Todd and Margo, the chickens have come home to roost LOLOLOL.

    Next morning at the breakfast table…..”mommy, why was that woman screaming and moaning? was she sick?”

  10. I’m in w Texas-came here a couple years ago to bank when oil was $125-so naturally within 6 months of me getting here, it dropped to $25. Sheesh. Fucking flatter then shit too, people are great though, very chatty.

    My gal and I are looking at northern GA or southwestern NC now. It’s near some good clients I have in Atlanta and lots of good art galleries-I’m a glass artist.

    Moved to CO in 1970 right after I quit college and watched it go from a solid conservative state to being run by the fucking REgressives in Denver and Boulder. My gal ran up to Pueblo to catch Trump there and visited with a lot of her old friends. She misses it a lot more then I do.

  11. Same thing here in Oregon. And the libtards are so stupid, they cannot make the connection between progressive policies and the inevitable result of those policies. Beautiful state ruined by these assholes (most of whom bailed from CA thanks to that state becoming unlivable due to progressive policies).

  12. Not all the libtards come from California. My uber-liberal adult niece and nephew from Michigan have settled in Denver and are liberalizing it just as fast as they can. My nephew recently built a big new house and immediately engaged in a recall effort to rid the local school board of all conservative members. He’s very proud of Colorado for taking in refugees and legalizing pot. Wishes 0bama could have a third term. Good to know these problems may end up on his doorstep one day and maybe–maybe–make him rethink some of his liberal leanings. But I won’t hold my breath.

  13. I live in Colorado and I can tell you that the legalization of marijuana has led to an increase of transients and panhandling bums throughout the state. They are in Boulder and Denver, in Longmont and Loveland, Colorado Springs and Glenwood Springs. They are almost everywhere in numbers never seen before. Crime associated with these marijuana migrants has increased throughout the state. They have been responsible for a forest fire in Boulder County that destroyed numerous homes in the mountains where they were sleeping rough. Once the rest of the states decide that they can’t pass up the incredible tax revenue that comes along with legalized weed, they will attract the same load of losers that have moved here. Maybe then it will become apparent that there is a high price for letting the liberals liberate society.

  14. Down here in KW We have an overnight shelter for the bums…The City wants to build a new one at the cost of a Million $ or so….People went bonkers over the spending….Meanwhile, the SPCA is building a new shelter for animals …..$8 Million ….no one bats an eye…(or eyes a Bat)….

  15. These homeowners need to check their privilege. They should be grateful that the City has not yet required them to provide tents and cots for their less fortunate neighbors. Someone at City Hall is probably working on a grant proposal to HHS to do just that.

  16. Not easy to “love them” once you voted for the dopers to “drop in”
    and you find they like your back yard. The law of unintended
    consequences bites hard, fools.

  17. Denver used to give their homeless criminals a bus ticket to Wyoming or Nebraska to get rid of them. Now they refuse to leave.


  18. MM,

    If you head towards North Carolina, stay the hell away from Charlotte and the immediate area. It’s growing way too fast with Northerners to cope with the influx.

    Consider aiming for the mountains a couple of hours W of here. Very nice.

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