Homosexual predator offered to swap Chicken Alfredo and Sprite for Sex

Never thought I’d ever write that headline… but there it is.


An Ohio college student who reportedly prepared to meet and have sex with an underage boy was arrested when the boy he was supposed to meet turned out to be an undercover police officer.

Albert Maruna, 22, was arrested Tuesday after traveling to Austintown, where he planned to meet the teen but instead met the cop, WOIO reported.

The Youngstown State University student allegedly had “sexually graphic” conversations through an app with the “15-year-old boy” after the suspect reached out on Dec. 5, WFMJ reported.

Maruna, according to investigators, sent naked photos of himself to the teen and planned to meet on Tuesday. Maruna reportedly agreed to bring lubricant, a chicken Alfredo dish and Sprite.

The man admitted to investigators he had hoped to have sex with the teenage boy, according to WFMJ.


23 Comments on Homosexual predator offered to swap Chicken Alfredo and Sprite for Sex

  1. The Entire FBI office had to be rolling on the ground with Laughter when those Naked Photos came up, I wonder if he made the Top Ten Board !

  2. Y-town. Sheesh.

    Years ago, a fuel storage tank in Youngstown ruptured, dumping thousands of gallons of oil into the Mahoning River. As with all waterway spills, the Ohio EPA, USEPA, Army Corps of Engineers, and other government agencies got involved. What was odd was that the Ohio Historical Society filed charges against the tank owner:

    Desecrating a Mafia burial ground.

  3. He must have been terribly desperate, from the looks of him giving up a meal for anything must have been a real taffy pull at his urges.

  4. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

    As izlam is the “religion of peace,” so is homosexuality the “love that dare not speak its name.”

    Peace, indeed – love, my ass. No! No! I didn’t mean it that way!

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. 22yo, gay, pedo, college student, fat, stupid, did I leave anything out?
    Oh yeah, Democrat.
    Definition of loser.
    “Maruna IV, 22…” the other 3 must be so proud of their college boy.

  6. Obviously a frame.

    “You don’t get a Nobel Prize for attempted Chemistry.”

    Why is he not being charged with making a fag date with a cop?
    There was NO CHILD involved in this! Except in his sick, polluted mind – and as deceitfully crafted by the cops. Perhaps he KNEW it was a cop, all along, but wanted to maintain the FANTASY to assist his excitement?

    Well, either way, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna get all the homosexual sex … err … sorry – love … that he can handle.

    At least he didn’t offer the alleged “boy” cigarettes and beer!
    He does have his principles, after all …

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. I want to say let him go. The miserable stupid looking phuck has suffered enough, but the bridge comment earlier works.

  8. @ OpenTheDoor
    “22yo, gay, pedo, college student, fat, stupid, did I leave anything out?” How about snowflake? This poor shlub is simply “looking for love in all the wrong places….”
    We need to realize that this maggot is probably “bullied” too! Poor little fella.


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