“Hope these airstrikes will be heard from Iran to North Korea” – Netanyahu

Netanyahu leads worldwide praise of Trump’s airstrikes on Syria and says he hopes they will be heard from Iran to North Korea


7 Comments on “Hope these airstrikes will be heard from Iran to North Korea” – Netanyahu

  1. Chapter two coming soon.

    I hope the eradication of Islam has begun.

    Now I’d love to see Trump start a major conflict just so he could have congress re-instate the draft. All the poor snowflakes would finally get their wake-up call.

    Poetic justice possibly in the making.

  2. Netanyahu, Egypt’s El-Sisi, Jordan’s King Hussein and Saudi King Abdullah were all consulted and on board. Watch for an agreement among them all to create and maintain a safe zone as Assad is eased out of power with Russia’s assistance.

  3. “saying it sent a ‘strong and clear’ message ”

    message ?
    like, the more things change the more they stay the same ?

    the usa has been messing around in the middle east for most of my lifetime, with no positive results.

  4. Assad is bad, but those rebels/insurgents/etc. are no better, maybe worse.
    Nuke the whole place, give a tearful apology, move on.

  5. Making the world safe for natural gas pipelines. Well, safe for one of them, anyway.


    Why Israel cares:


    I really don’t think America should be wasting our resources to support the economic policies of other countries. If the Saudis or Israelis want to bomb Syria, or overthrow the Iraqi government, or whatever, they should be doing it themselves.

    We should stay out of it.


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