House Passes Stop-Gap Spending Bill, Hoping to Avert a Government Shutdown

Breitbart: House Republicans narrowly passed the short-term spending bill on Thursday night, hoping to avert a government shutdown before Friday, January 19.

The House narrowly passed the short-term spending bill 230-197. The government will shut down on Friday, January 19 if it does not receive more funding.


The stop-gap spending bill will fund the government through February 16, fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and delay several Obamacare taxes.

The House Freedom Caucus staged a last-minute revolt against Speaker Paul Ryan and the rest of the House Republican leadership because the bill did not address long-term military spending. read more

9 Comments on House Passes Stop-Gap Spending Bill, Hoping to Avert a Government Shutdown

  1. The Freedom Caucus reportedly secured a promise from House Republican leadership to … vote within ten days on a bill that will eliminate spending caps on defense spending.

    Principled Conservatives™ demanding Uniparty Conservatives™ join them at The Briar Patch (the private club, not a real, taxpayer briar patch)? Why, how ever did they pull that off?

  2. Government shutdowns have always been blamed on the GOP and the Dems have been successful in convincing the public of that. This time around though there is a real chance of the Dems being blamed for it if Trump jumps into the fray quickly and is joined by Ted Cruz and a few other high profile Republicans. If they can get the public to blame the Dems it may be the final nail in their coffin vis a vis the November elections.

  3. I know Schumer’s problem. That shotgun blast that removed the back of his scalp must have removed part of his brain.

  4. If President Trump didn’t have all his ducks in a row (as did Obola and Clinton) when under the threat of a “gov’t shutdown” (which is complete bullshit, by the way) then he needs a whole stadium full of new (and competent) advisors.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Another House Leadership failure re-purposed as a Success.
    Just waiting for McCONnell’s failure to complete the scenario.

    Democrats are all in, they will continue to put politics above principle, while Ryan and McCONnell dither.

  6. WTF McConnell?! He doesn’t even bring the senate bill to a vote because the donkeys are just going to filibuster it anyway. Don’t we want them on record as blocking this? Make them own it McConnell!


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