How a German children’s channel promotes child marriages with migrants

“I cannot accept that my wife dresses like that”. He adds: “I want to marry her as soon as possible, and then she’s mine.”

Voice of Europe:

A film on the German children’s channel KIKA has sparked controversy in the country.

The film had already aired in November, but it gained relevance after a German girl was murdered by a migrant last month and another almost drowned by her migrant boyfriend. Both cases were relationship related.

Children’s channel KIKA broadcasted the program about a 16-year-old German girl, Malvina, who fell in love with a Syrian Muslim migrant called Diaa. At first the age of Diaa was 17, but later KIKA corrected that to 19, in a special statement.

But Diaa looks much older: He already wears a full beard and clearly doesn’t look like a teen. He rather looks 25, and some tests have indicated he might be in his thirties.  more

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  1. “It was hard to accept for Diaa that his girlfriend doesn’t want to wear a headscarf; “it irritated him”. His girlfriend says that they have their conflicts, “but as long as I submit, everything is fine”.”

    Expect a whole lot more “submitting” you idiot. Where are your parents!

  2. @Anonymous January 13, 2018 at 12:47 pm

    > I’ve come to believe all the good Germans died in the war.

    Many survived. They were given a good ethnic cleansing by the Russians, and their Not The Communists, Allies. (Sure am glad those people aren’t causing problems, anymore.)

  3. Thinking about this from a different angle…

    I was stationed in Germany as a young Private from 1992-96. The German girls were (I’ll put it euphemistically) very accommodating to us American GIs. I thought it was great back then, the girls were a lot easier than girls back in the States.

    To a goat-fucker from a sexually repressed middle eastern shithole? Germany must seem like the paradise they were promised.

    Anyway, getting back to my point – the German girls were just fine with dating, marrying, and even just shtupping us American guys. It makes me wonder if this current generation of girls, since they grew up with the knowledge that getting with “foreign” guys is perfectly fine, safe, and even a way to advance…are they now foolishly expecting the same sort of outcome their mothers saw with Americans?

    It makes me wish I could get in touch with some of the girls I dated back then, and ask them their thoughts on the situation. The girls now (like the idiot in the story above) would be about the right age to be the children of the girls I knew back then.

    (And hopefully, none of them are souvenirs I left behind!)

  4. Girls and women are attracted to strong men and sometimes the bad boys.
    The problem is that they often don’t have the maturity to avoid the truly bad/evil boys.

  5. Graceia so true. I know a grown damn woman who is still chasing after ‘bad boy’ men who treat her like shit. She cheated on her husband long ago because he was ‘boring’ and she felt like she ‘settled.’ In other words, he was a normal man who provided much wealth and love for the family and didn’t act like the pig she was attracted to.

  6. If I saw footage of merkel being dragged by her ankles from the rear bumper of a VW beetle down the street?

    I might feel a little for them.

  7. @Graceia January 13, 2018 at 5:31 pm

    > The problem is that they often don’t have the maturity to avoid the truly bad/evil boys.

    No. The problem is that subjugating the entire populace to a government with general suffrage and asymmetric fire power over it, they decide (directly on their part, and indirectly by the “mentally otherwise enabled” who want them protected from their own harm) who of their neighbors will be killed by the government, how the loot will be split, what government atrocities will be “memory holed” for the Good™ of The Party, how many “not really children” will be butchered for “the gods”, which of the truly bad/evil boys will be given titles of Party loyalty, and a host of other Party benefits given to some from the rest.

    Theories vary on how best to plan for public roads and drunk drivers. Giving them master keys to everyone’s cars, two loaded guns, and another six pack, usually isn’t one of them.


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