How can American parents tell if their child is under the influence of a cunning jihadi recruiter?


“Between the soccer practices and the hours at her accounting job and the potlucks with the neighbors, Christianne Boudreau spent every spare minute watching Islamic State videos, her nose pressed up against the computer screen[.] … Through the screens and behind the balaclavas, she was looking for her son’s eyes.”

If only Christianne had been aware of the signs, processes, and ideology of Islamic indoctrination before her son, Damien, disappeared.  If only more parents were knowledgeable about predatory recruiters who seek to promote extremist jihadi values to curious and naïve teens.  Then perhaps the parents of three girls ages 15, 16, and 17 from an upper-class neighborhood in Denver would have recognized the signs before the girls stole away from high school to join ISIS.  Newlyweds from Mississippi who thought it would be cool to celebrate their honeymoon by serving ISIS would not be serving time instead.  An American mother of three, in Chicago, who woke one morning to find a letter, instead of her children, might have stopped them before they left to join ISIS.

Salafi-jihadism is described by convicted terrorist Anjem Choudary: “Next time when your child is at school and the teacher says, what do you want to be when you grow up?  What is your ambition?  They should say, to dominate the whole world by Islam.”  Like gangs and cults, radical Islamism justifies acts of violence by using subversive messaging and brainwashing techniques.  Studies show that radicalization could happen to anyone, not just the mentally ill, petty criminals or society drop-outs, but average Americans. How can American parents tell if their child is under the influence of a cunning jihadi recruiter?  read more

7 Comments on How can American parents tell if their child is under the influence of a cunning jihadi recruiter?

  1. If your daughter starts wearing a burka and your son starts raping his classmates while yelling allah akbar or some such phrase that might be a good indication they’ve become radicalized. SERIOUSLY – – are you shitting me?! Parents are so UNAWARE that they have to be given the signs??!

  2. This mother is faking her shock. This could not happen in a real American family without knowledge unless they were completely disconnected.

    Sorry. Ain’t buying this story.

  3. What, the gov’t didn’t send her a tweet to warn her??
    Why do they think she got on this ‘social media’ thing for, anyway?
    It’s bad enough your 17 year old doesn’t ‘listen to you’, but this? THIS?
    OMG, someone, SOMEONE, should do something about this.

  4. Like Billy suggests (in disbelief), YES, many parents are far too “unaware” (read: disinterested) of their child’s development…much less to care. Hence the vulnerability in the first place (not counting PUBERTY as Mother Nature’s own explosive device).

  5. I’d suggest a nice family gathering and conversation at mealtime. A simple dinner like pork and beans might help the discussion move along.

  6. Stated: the warning signs, if you notice your child quitting smoking, drinking.
    If that’s a problem you’re already in the danger zone as a responsible parent. Some parents are simply disconnected or too lazy to fight for their kids against the evils they may face.

  7. The article understates the role played by schools. Allowing prayer time for Muslims (but nobody else), field trips to Mosques, attitudes like “all religions are the same”, failure to teach the truth about the crusades, etc. all play a HUGE part in recruiting kids to islam.


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