How Evergreen State College Went Off The Rails

Two former faculty members who didn’t get with the social justice initiatives at Evergreen State College gave their account of how the institution of higher learning became an asylum for the politically deranged.

Start with an open-ended curriculum that attracts students who can’t succeed in a traditional university program, add a new president intent on enforcing a social justice regime, mix in the irresistible virtue of being triggered at noncompliance and you’ve got the formula for campus chaos.  More

The latest out of Evergreen is that one of its professors who specialized in,  “feminist and queer theory, race, and decolonial studies,” and practiced intimidation tactics against fellow faculty,  has left Evergreen after a $240,000 settlement with the school. Here

20 Comments on How Evergreen State College Went Off The Rails

  1. Did the professor pay the settlement or receive the settlement? I could read the article but I’m trying to keep my blood pressure under control.

  2. This nut house college has been churning out nut job leftist activists for a long time. Remember shit stain Rachel Corrie in 2003, who got herself pancaked in 2003 by IDF in the West Bank by standing in front of a bulldozer that was demolishing PLO houses?

    She was from Evergreen. I appreciated the belly laugh Rachel. That was a great comedy bit.

  3. Where will they ever find another professor to teach feminist and queer theory, race, and decolonial studies. And an Equity Council?! There are parents that actually pay to send their kids to this type of insanity?

  4. This is the same type of thinking that encourages the continuance of the NFL kneeling as a social justice issue – creating a problem, getting a reaction, and then proving your point as people react negatively to it.

    Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were the nascent images – now those enablers of college “warriors” are the next generation.

    When things are going well it is too good to be true because that “false” reality must be exposed.

    The Judge Roy Moores must be found and outed because, damn it, we know they have to be there!

  5. Brett Weinstein’s direct mention of the French Revolution of 1789 is brilliant.
    That was the first instance of Socialism causing crowds and mobs of people to engage in a game of One-Upmanship to see who could out-do the others in socialist revolutionary fervor.

    At one point, mobs were described as disemboweling minor French aristocrats with their bare hands while their victims were still alive and….wait for it….eating the entrails raw.

    num num num num

    Can we please give Kim Jong Un the GPS coordinates to Evergreen College? P L E A S E ???

  6. Any college major that ends with “Studies” should come with a warning label that the degree is absolutely worthless and will saddle you with a mountain of debt and no marketable skills.

  7. That Picture is TRUTH, this after all the Screaming fighting and Bitching is the Responsible Group … What ???
    Yes it’s the Liberal Back Bone, gathered for a rare Unmasking,
    Their Computers are the Real Heroes !!!

  8. 🔥 White liberals all learn the same lesson the hard way. 🔥

    They preach anti-white bigotry over all society and history, then the pack turns on them, and shoos them out the door. Either by ballot, resignation, firing.

    White hate means you too white liberals. Shouldn’t have Uncle Tommed for them all that time.


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