How’d Ya Like To Be This Guy’s Neighbor?

He has an odd hobby of making loud horns.

He made one out of a loud leaf blower. When his horn went into action the loud sound of the leaf blower was drowned out.

The waveforms in the air distorted the video.

17 Comments on How’d Ya Like To Be This Guy’s Neighbor?

  1. I’d like to borrow this for a summer weekend and aim it at our hippy neighbor. He has pot smokin’ tent parties with all his hippy friends and hippy family. It’ll drown out their endless musical loop of the Grateful Dead and CCR.

  2. I once saw The Tannahill Weavers, one of my favorite Scottish bands in 1985 in a small very packed balls to the walls, sardine can stuffed tavern bring out a didgeridoo along with their bagpipes playing a very loud spirted set of jigs, it was great and the extremely low bass of that didgeridoo just added to that great Scottish music.

  3. I’d point this at my rap listening, rap star imitating neighbors across the street. Maybe they’d go in the house and I wouldn’t have to see their underwear.

  4. Just Sayin; I’m with you times a 1000! What right do these people have to impose their bullcrap on everybody else? I absolutely despise people who come into quiet neighborhoods and make as much noise as they can. Mostly illegal roofers who play loud crap music all day long. It’s the same old eff you lack of respect for others.

  5. Reminds me of the time the neighbors would not stop their brat from banging on empty 55 gallon drums for hours on end. So the Mr. hooked up a megaphone to a lawn mower, aimed it right at their front door and let it run out of gas. Then he filled it again and again, all day long. They stopped their brat from banging on the drums after that.

  6. I’d even take the loud noise at night over having queer neighbors who sue cake bakers and states over marriage certificates and birth certificates.

    Arkansas is no longer issuing birth certificates, ordered to stop by a judge, all because lesbians sued the state and ultimately SCOTUS ruled their birth certificates were unconstitutional. Ignorant bullshit, you must have a biological father and a biological mother, even if it’s just donated sperm. Anyone with half a brain would get that and tell lesbians only the birth mother can be on the birth certificate and the other should have to legally adopt the baby.

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