Hypocritical Canada Deported “Hundreds” of Illegal Immigrants and Refugees

The Lid: Just a few months ago the hypocritical Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, could be heard chastising the United States and President Trump for our mean-spirited perspective on illegal immigration. Now, lo and behold, just a few short months later, we’ve learned that Mr. Trudeau is a complete and utter tool.

A new report from Reuters explains that the ‘high and mighty’ Canadian government has actually deported “hundreds of people” to countries that had been designated as “too dangerous for civilians.”

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4 Comments on Hypocritical Canada Deported “Hundreds” of Illegal Immigrants and Refugees

  1. You people just don’t get it. Trudeau is thoughtfully and respectfully requesting deportations to protect Canada’s citizens. Trump is brutally ordering deportations because he’s a racist.

  2. I’m glad that the government decided to enforce the rules but I suspect that Trudeau the Younger likely didn’t know about it. After all, he was the one that ok’s the 10 million dollar payment to Omar Kadr the terrorist. Anyway, the deportations will probably change now that Reuters outed them. I noticed the quotes around “high and mighty” which would seem to indicate that it came from the Reuters story however when I went to it I couldn’t find that phrase. Now being as how it’s Reuters I wouldn’t have been surprised to find it however I couldn’t find that phrase in the Reuters story and in the LidBlog story it only appeared as it were quoting from the Reuters story. I couldn’t even find “Canada” in the Reuters story. I guess the link at LidBlog is going to the wrong story or I’m using search wrong.

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