I Can Hardly Type This Title – First ever ‘Navy Gay Pride’ events on military base

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  1. When are we going to stop all this gay pride crap, does anyone on the left realize how insulting this is to muzzies? Are they trying to provoke them?

  2. Now they are “equal” and have “Navy Gay Pride” events.
    Where is the “Navy Straight Pride” events,
    or is that something we’re not suppose to be proud of?

  3. And now that the military is fully sodomite compliant, they’ve gone all out. You should have seen the disgusting displays going on during fleet week.

    It’d make your stomach turn.

    Lots of people laughed at MASH and Corporal Klinger. That crap ain’t so funny now.

  4. The cabin boy….

    The cabin boy…

    That dirty little nipper…

    Lined his ass with broken glass…

    And circumcised the skipper….

  5. As a proud US Navy veteran 1972-75 this pisses me off beyond belief. This an affront to everyone who ever been a sailor since its founding in 1775. The Shellback initiation rites when a ship crosses the equator ought to be a real doozy now. I’m a Shellback as of Mar.18, 1974 crossing the equator on board the USS Kitty Hawk CV 63 in the Indian Ocean on the way to Mombasa, Kenya. God help us and save our nation. King Neptune and Davy Jones are also pissed off beyond belief and would keel haul these bastards if they could. And I don’t like having to hear Admiral Zumwalt crying out from his grave about what has happened to his Navy.

  6. Just one of the reasons I scraped off the US Navy Veteran sticker from the back window of my truck. I also took down my US Flag the day 0bammy was sworn in.

    We used to have parties for gays when I was in the US Navy.
    Blanket parties.

  7. And my former fighter squadron the VF-114 Aardvarks (F4 Phantoms) if it still existed would probably be called the Prancing Fairies or some other really faggy name now. Heck even the Puking Dogs from VF-143 would be a better name.

  8. I still wear my Navy hat but now it’s mostly as a sign of defiance of what it used to be. My 96 year old uncle a WW2 Navy vet saw my old hat recently when he was here to visit and sent me a new one this past month. And a new USS Kitty Hawk CV 63 hat as well. Thanks Uncle Ray.

  9. Imagine how I felt back in the 60s at NAS North Island when I was assigned to a ferry squadron, VRF-32. Unrelenting ribbing belonging to a “ferry” squadron.

  10. Now the congress needs to amend the Selective Service Act providing that only Homosexuals and woman can serve in the military, especially in the middle east! Reinstate the draft and
    send them all to do their patriotic duty and fight for the rest of us!
    Plus, since they fought for the privilege so long and hard they probably don’t want any pay or benefits. In that respect, it would then be a real all-volunteer army!

  11. I still wear my Navy hat when I’m at the range. I’m a member of a volunteer team that teaches Navy/Marine ROTC cadets a course in live fire urban combat.

  12. It’s time for Rush’s fabled All American Amazon, Tranny and Dyke Brigade to be established. Led by Wonder Woman of course, it would be fabulous, Dahling. Too bad the muzzies all couldn’t die from laughing themselves silly like in the lethal joke skit of Monty Python fame.

  13. Again, I ask if people can stop thinking and talking about their pee pees for at least 5 consecutive seconds.

    This stuff is for after work.

    People, get your minds back on your freakin jobs. It’s a competitive economy, we’re naval gazing and eating our seed corn while other nations blast past us, they water board their kids if they don’t learn AutoCAD, and we’re dressing boys as girls and complaining at UWash about work ethic mentions as racist micro aggression – my god we are going to collapse economically – soon!! It’s self- inflicted idiocracy out there.

  14. These kinds of activities on base really cross the line from tolerance to advocacy. My question is – just how high up the chain of command is the origin of these advocacy activities on base? Could it be the Commander in Chief’s idea? It’s a fundamental way to destroy our military.

    Darned glade my six years were from 72 – 77.

  15. Well geoff, remember the phrase “When I joined the Navy, it was illegal to suck d–k; now it’s optional. I’m leaving before it becomes mandatory.”

    Guess what just happened.

    I retired in ’93. Looks like I got out in time.

  16. NAS North Island had one of the best chow halls in the Navy. I loved going down there when we were getting ready for carrier quals and leaving for SE Asia on deployment. And yes the Seals do train at Coronado. I once went fishing for grunion on the Strand at Coronado with my cousin who also was in the Navy at the time. It was rather a very drunken but fun night catching grunion as they washed up onto the beach. And according to my Dad his older brother who was in the Navy in WW2 met Johnny Weismuller AKA Tarzan on the base at Coronado and got Johnny Weismuller’s autograph for his kid brother my Dad which he still has.

  17. My uncle was first wave Iwo as a medic. Glad he is not around to see a bunch of sodomizers raising the FAG FLAG.

    Their bad though..they have NO CLUE.

  18. My elder son was on a Fast Attack Sub back in the 90s and they were worried that they’d deploy women!


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