“I did my bit, you deserve it.” – Van Driver in Finsbury Park That Drove Into Muslims

Commenter on Gateway Pundit-

There’s only one way Muslims should respond to the alleged van attack. That is by carrying on exactly as before.

the *real* tragedy of the #FinsburyPark attack would be if it causes a rise in anglophobia

Muslims need to make sure they don’t look back in anger. This is just part and parcel of living in a big city.

My thoughts with the white people who will be targeted by bigoted left wing thugs after the Finsbury Park attack #NotAllWhites /.



The secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), Harun Khan, tweetedthat the van had “intentionally run over worshippers” and that he was “shocked and outraged”.

In a statement, the MCB added that it was a “violent manifestation of Islamophobia” and called for extra security around mosques.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid spoke briefly to concerned residents before being led through the police cordon as he visited the scene. He said “the attacker will not succeed in his efforts to divide British society”.

“That’s Islam’s job.” (Actually, that’s me reading the Javid’s mind. -bfh)

28 Comments on “I did my bit, you deserve it.” – Van Driver in Finsbury Park That Drove Into Muslims

  1. Van control. The Brits need van control.

    On the one hand, what the van driver did was very wrong.

    On the other hand, it is entertaining to see those who said little or nothing about the truck atrocity in France now becoming spittle-spewing speechifiers decrying this vehicular violence being used against their fellow mohammadmen.

  2. I’m very concerned about the backlash against the white community as well! These savage muslims will want retribution.

  3. Agreed, Davy. Don’t forget those dangerous white hispanics.

    Where this “alleged” terror attack incident happened isn’t close to that mosque. It could have been a genuine accident, or it could be a Pallywood production. From photos the van doesn’t look damaged and the “white guy” looks like Saddam Hussein’s long lost brother.

    I’m waiting and seeing, but won’t be surprised if Green Helmet Guy shows up in cell phone footage. Have they rounded up Tommy yet?

  4. We need to start a GoFundMe page for reflectors to put on black burqas at night.

    We must prevent future tragedies like this.

  5. Calm down, everyone. This was a self radicalized lone wolf. He became radicalized watching his local news.

    If the news hadn’t reported muslim attacks on westerners (as Madame Merkel and Scandinavian countries have outlawed) this would never have happened.

  6. “shocked and outraged”, this POS will have to get used to being shocked and outraged because I sense there is a whole bunch of us that are damn tired of being shocked and outraged! Once we have decided that we have had all we can stand, and we can’t stand no more, the game will change.

  7. I don’t go into the throes of emotional despair every time I use a fly swatter. I’m not getting the problem here.

  8. Let’s hear from that London mayor who says this is part of living in a city and that people shouldn’t get upset over it.

  9. These Hajis are really good at spacing their attacks out far enough that people tend to calm down until the next one happens. ISIS is calling to step up their attack in response to last nights retribution. I for one hope they do. The only way we will put an end to ISLAM is to take the battle to them.

  10. The U.K. Needs the ‘ Inglorious Bastards’ to rescue Alex from his jail and make him the Mooselum Bear.

  11. Have they even released the van driver’s name? When they delay in doing so it’s typically because his name is MUHAMMAD (or some spelling of the name)

  12. Van control

    It a Peace Train Van. I wonder if ole Cat Stevens hangs around the Finsbury mosque.


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