I don’t think Al Franken is packing his bags

FOX- Minnesota Democratic Sen. Al Franken resigned from Congress two weeks ago amid continuing sexual-misconduct allegations. However, he’s yet to say when he’ll empty his Capitol Hill office, even after his replacement was appointed earlier this week.

“Tina Smith will make an excellent United States senator. …  I look forward to working with her on ensuring a speedy and seamless transition,” Franken said after the state lieutenant governor was appointed, without mentioning when he’ll leave.

In his Dec. 7 resignation speech, Franken said only that he’ll be leaving in the “coming weeks.”

Multiple people on Capitol Hill, including those in Senate leadership, told Fox News that they doesn’t know when Franken will leave.

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27 Comments on I don’t think Al Franken is packing his bags

  1. Women smell good, are easy to squeeze, and like the attention, that’s why the term “bosom buddies” was coined. Only chumps take themselves out of the game. Franken is useful, he shouldn’t go anywhere because Congress needs an indicator species.

  2. They’re going to have to lure him out with something enticing. Maybe offer him an unmarked van with “CANDY” written on the outside?

  3. He must not yet have clinched the deal on MSNBC talk show, or CNN contributor ship, and the title “DNC Special Ambassador to Hollywood”.

    His replacement is doubtless eager to move in. If he waits much longer he’ll discover they’ve changed the locks on him overnight.

  4. I said essentially the same thing to my husband while we were listening to his “resignation” speech. “In several weeks? This guy isn’t going anywhere.”

  5. Somehow, the failure of Franken to vacate the premises, if he digs in his heels, will be blamed on the Republicans, and not the Democrats. Guaranteed.

  6. The real question is how Tina Smith will react when he fails to step down.
    A man, accused of several cases of sexual harassment, who acknowledges them and says he will step down. And a woman is named as his successor. Yeah, his not stepping down is going to play well. Will it be because ‘she can’t do the job as well as me’? Either way it’s a Dem ‘War on Women’! 🙂

  7. Davy, I took a “resign sow” home once. It was 1 am at the bar and I was resigned to take home anything there that had a pulse.

  8. “Well, those women aren’t going to grope themselves.” -Zhytamyr

    I’m no so sure. Just to be near the clown is to be desperate.

  9. (Grammar Nazi Alert!)

    ” …. they doesn’t know … “???

    I thank my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Geiger, that I’m not a ‘journalist’


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