I guess gunning down Republicans isn’t nasty enough for Liz

“Donald, you ain’t seen nasty yet!”  

^ Click for story @ Patriot Retort.

Speaking of nasty, what’s up with those leggings, Liz?

, Liz?]

23 Comments on I guess gunning down Republicans isn’t nasty enough for Liz

  1. Warren/Waters2020: For the first time ever, two women on the ticket. One claims to be injun and one claims to be sane. And both using their first husbands’ names. Historic.

  2. Maxine Waters in whiteface and a blond wig.

    Like Maxine, every time Fauxcahantas opens that shrill irritating condescending punch-able yapper, she drives another 20,000-50,000 independent voters away from the Dems for the duration.

  3. @PHenry ~ Cherokees didn’t have camels …. it’s a moose muzzle … whiskers & all

  4. That nasty ass old commie skank and her cronies are trying their best to throw this country into a revolution. One of these days they may get a surprise that the REAL Americans called their bluff

  5. Not only can’t warren get a clue she can’t even find the woods to crap in. What is it about our country that finds us empowering women like warren, watters, peolisi, clinton, maddow, and that megyn K. wacker.

    None seem to have ever had to meet a payroll, budget, or truly change a diaper w/o a nanny. They bled blue and politic red.

    To the trash heap pf history with them all.

  6. “She and Shrillary should run together”

    Ya know she’s had a couple chances to run for President and she keeps bailing. Kinda makes you wonder if she has some skeletons in the Tee Pee.

  7. @Thirdtwin:

    What’s the name of her book…”I’m Not Sick Like Hillary”?

    It’s hard to make out, and you may well be correct, but it looks to me like the title is I’m Not As Sick as Hillary.


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