I hate to block and ban, but sometimes the stupid is just too strong

C.Steven just posted this on Twitter:

Your tolerance for the Left’s abject ignorance is remarkable.
He was witness to a completely frustrating conversation I was having with a couple of shitferbrains that I became acquainted with on C. Steven’s timeline.

C. Steven:

So THAT is the impetus behind your remarkable tolerance! Makes total sense now.


Here’s the story as nutshelled as I can make it, and it’s all going to be paraphrased because I’m not unblocking these imbeciles in order to document the actual tweets.

After the Laura Loomer incident where she walked on stage to denounce the ritual bloodletting of our president, calling it a normalization of violence against the right, particularly in the wake of Steve Scalise being picked off by a socialist sniper with a hit list of conservatives in his pocket, leftists swarmed Twitter to denounce the act as an attack on free speech.

After much back and forth that (which I will admit now) was simply foreplay in order to box one idiot into a gotcha moment, I asked one imbecile

if they would publicly denounce #BLM in the same manner that they were denouncing Laura Loomer, because there was absolutely nothing she did that #BLM didn’t do. In fact, her act paled in comparison to #BLMs acts – blocking of traffic, storming of restaurants, libraries, hijacking the mic of political candidates, the disruption of political rallies, unfurling signs that obscured the view of patrons at sporting events, the destruction of cities and, oh,  the SHOOTING OF POLICE OFFICERS!

The idiot refused to denounce #BLM saying that I had a high opinion of myself if I thought they would do my bidding, and they don’t get ordered around by people on Twitter, and I was indignant, etc.

Besides, they continued, people have to be supportive of #BLM because they are oppressed.

Now, keep in mind, during the give and take of the debate you always have these stupid peanut gallery observers that weigh in simply to cheer on their comrade. It’s usually mindless ass slapping, and you get the sense that they really aren’t following along. They are the Ed McMahon, the hockey goon.

Enter, this imbecile:

This person actually said in a few tweets that my arguments were confusing him and he honestly couldn’t follow what I was saying, bless his heart. (His bio says he’s a film maker in California.)

Sensing that there was nowhere to go with the discussion with Dale, a jerk who pulled the “blacks are oppressed” card, I blocked them.

Niels became the the spokesphincter for Dale and was trying to pass messages to me. I told Niels I wasn’t interested in debating with someone that couldn’t/wouldn’t see their double standard.

That’s when Niels dropped a beaut, thinking they were taking up the battle flag for Dale, he said, “the difference with what Loomer did and what #Blm does is that ‘Trump is not oppressed.”

I actually winced a bit and chuckled that this was the guy who said he couldn’t follow my arguments.

I responded –

WTF are you taking about? What does Trump being oppressed have to do with anything? If you’re trying to draw a proper analogy you’d be saying that “Loomer isn’t oppressed.”

I went on to say that Loomer’s point is that she is feeling oppressed because there seems to be a climate forming where the left tolerates, and in many cases encourages, violence against the right. That is the very definition of oppression, and it’s largely the point #BLM is making about themselves.

That’s when the blocking had to take place.  After chewing gum for awhile and looking at my tweet, and finally answering, Niels said, “This oppression goes to eleven.”  -Niels Tufnel, Nigel’s brother.

I’m sorry that’s a scene from This is Spinal Tap 2.

Niels actually said,

“I can’t follow what you’re saying. Please explain.”

Blocked… like his head.

This is why I don’t Twitter that often.

Thanks for allowing me to vent.





24 Comments on I hate to block and ban, but sometimes the stupid is just too strong

  1. I learned long ago that it is a mistake to use rational arguments with people who are irrational. It’s a waste of time and can be frustrating to the point of fury. Call it Uncle Al’s Law of Debate.

    But your account, BFH, makes me realize I need a corollary: If you think arguing with someone who simply is irrational is frustrating, wait’ll you try arguing with someone who deliberately chooses to act irrationally.

    Blocking doesn’t seem like enough. Too bad you can’t reach through the internet and smash their keyboards.

  2. The point of public arguing is not to change the person’s mind that you are arguing with. It’s to impress upon the undecided on the sidelines watching who makes the better case. 😉

  3. You hate to block and ban? I do it with carefree abandon. Life is too short to tolerate malicious fools.

  4. “The point of public arguing is not to change the person’s mind that you are arguing with. It’s to impress upon the undecided on the sidelines watching who makes the better case. ”

    Imagine the impact of a filmed ass kicking. Your doing this wrong.

  5. Some leftists are too ignorant to understand the most basic concept but others are willfully stupid when they can see they will not win an argument.

  6. As I read and learned long ago, “Never argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.”
    Good for blocking them BFH.

  7. For the idiot, winning the argument is the most important thing, even if that means the idiot is the only one who believes his has won.

  8. TN Tuxedo has it right. It’s not about logic or reason at all. It is all about winning the argument by hook or by crook. It’s how they roll. And when they start to lose an argument based on truth/facts, they go for the (to them) nuclear option: “you’re a racist/bigot!” “________ oppressed (you’re a racist/bigot).” “You can’t see your racism/bigotry because you have ‘white privilege’.” Etc. Rinse/repeat.

  9. You should have changed the subject completely like they do when confronted with logic. Mess with his head, have fun confusing him even more, leave him in a bad state of mind and enjoy the fun.

  10. BFH, fwiw,

    The large forum that I frequent, which I’ve mentioned here before, has in recent months been infested by a new type of leftist troll. Their schtick is exactly what you’re seeing above. No matter how simply or clearly you make a point that even a child could understand, they constantly come back with something like “I’m sorry, I don’t understand your point. Can you clarify or rephrase it?”

    Some of us finally decided there’s two options here. Since the person’s other posts indicate they are not stupid, either they play dumb to deliberately goad and frustrate you into flying off the handle so they can report you and get you banned…or it’s a damned robot. Whichever, the mods now ban them on sight.

    So having had experience with them, my advice is the next time someone pulls that stupid card on you, walk away immediately because they are a complete and utter waste of time.

  11. MJA also picked up on a clue. Their syntax is often inconsistent and inexplicably odd…kind of like a not-yet perfected robot would be. They’re also incapable of being frustrated, insulted or ticked off like any normal user, left or right, is at some point.

    Then again, they could just be a very disciplined, scripted paid disinfo agent from God-knows-where.

  12. You cannot reason someone out of believing something they didn’t reason themselves into believing in the first place.

  13. There is a character in Conrad’s “Nostromo” who, according to the narrator, refuses to “argue with a woman” and thus, his stock response is “Well, that may be so …” as he dismisses her with a wave of his hand.

    Discuss the cultivation of oats with a horse.
    Deliberate with a mule.
    Justify incarceration in a pen to a goose.
    Explain quantum chromodynamics to a squirrel.

    But never argue with a fool – it profits not the fool and only aggravates you.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. Fur, you don’t want it to get out there that you had a furious run-in with a Twitter-bot, do you? That’s right, avoid Twitter like the plague.

  15. BFH, seriously. Being on Twitter, Facebook or any of the other “Social Media” sites for the purpose of trying to educate the mindless idiots on the left will accomplish absolutely one thing: The destruction of your health. You cannot teach those who already believe that they are the most intelligent lifeforms on earth, you cannot teach those who do not want to learn, and you cannot teach those who have closed minds. Trying to do so will give you hypertension, heart attacks, strokes, and any number of stress related ailments. Give it up, dump social media, and just run iotwr.

    The only way to survive the coming shitstorm unleashed by the world’s shitpickles is to surround yourself with people of like minds, and defend each other from all comers.


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