I Never Doubted My Instincts For a Moment

Before Megyn Kelly aired her “totally not a ratf*cking hatchet job” interview of Alex Jones I said that screwing Jones was not her agenda. I said her goal was to damage Trump, because she is a vindictive bint.

Take a look at this clip —

The foreplay was setting up Alex Jones to be portrayed as horribly as possible, and then the money shot was linking Trump to Jones.

Listen to how she says “Infowars.”

That’s “totally not a hatchet job, Alex.”

I’m no fan of Alex Jones, but I saw through this harpy’s agenda from moment one.

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  1. Won’t watch that “journalist” on any venue since the first debate of the Presidential election. Her agenda in not mine.

  2. Wow, Kelly is such an honest, intelligent investigative reporter.
    NOT !
    NBC should give her a Morning show, “Cooking with Kelly”, She could share her thoughts on the recipes of the rich and famous.

  3. LOLOL @ Cato. OMG you people have me laughing this afternoon. Thank you!

    BFH I remember you writing that.
    Kelly is like a rat looking for every way in to get into Trump’s house.
    Trump has linked WaPo, NYT, ABC, CBS, NBC, HuffPoo in his tweets and docs before and those creeps have openly called for his assassination, removal, and straight out wrote conspiracies and lies about president Trump. That’s crazier than anything Alex Jones has done. So why doesn’t she do the boogeyman voice when she mentions them or her own damned name?

  4. We all saw the Jones-Trump smear coming. Her NBC audience needs reinforcing that “Trump is Evil Crazy” and also that all internet media sources are also Crazy Evil Wrong except for the approved NBCCBSABCNYTWaPoCNN comfy womb of familiar Lefty PC.

    Watched this last night. Nothingburger. She really is a lousy unconvincing actress.
    Probably got a one-time ratings boost from Infowars readers tuning in.
    Let’s see if she can pull even with 10 year old reruns of Funniest Home Videos.

    My wife detests Kelly with a murderous, visceral personal intensity that only other females can understand.

  5. PS. We’ve all been joking that Megan Kelly can always fall back on a career in Porn.

    Seeing her last night, I’d say her window for anyone paying to see her nekkid is closing.
    And fast.

    Some kind of accelerated high-stress anorexic menopause has caught up with her since November 08.
    This time next year she’ll look like Nancy Pelosi.
    And NBC will still be trying to find some way to recoup that $15 million.
    What a con job. Her agent must be a master hypnotist.

  6. Remember how some people couldn’t take Paul Ryan seriously after he posed for his homo beefcake gymrat shot, BEFORE he turned full RINO and Obama toe sucker?

    What’s that pic of MK tell you about her standards?

    Yeah, I’m judging. Believers are commanded to judge with righteous judgment and that’s what I’m doing.

  7. She came in fourth again in her timeslot with 3.1 million viewers. This is less then half her viewers from her premier show. The way it was played up anything less then massive numbers would be a failure and lots of people tuning out after about half would also be contrued as a big bust. It seems that she’s a ratings bust for NBC and gets beaten by reruns of 60 minutes and golf.
    Look for a big change in the coming weeks with her almost exclusively going after Trump. It seemed to be her ticket into (well, and her boobs) the bigs but by now NBC is getting a little concerned about their 24 million dollar baby. If that doesn’t fly too well she her at MSNBC and the destruction of her reputation will be complete.

  8. @scr, thanks for the ratings report. I imagine her #4 reflects all the Infowars viewers, a one-off gift that won’t repeat.

    MSNBC does seem to be her next stop. They can add her to their Closet Of Broken Dolls. She can fight with Brian Williams over who has to do the 4 AM weekends. Zoo births and undercover exposes of local dry cleaners who overcharge for blouses.

    Hard to pull viewers with a weekly Two Minute Hate on Trump when POTUS won’t appear. Rachel Maddow does it nightly and all the easy smears are already taken.

  9. “I bet you think all women should be barefoot and pregnant.”

    “Nonsense! I believe all women should wear shoes.”

    – Sledge Hammer

  10. A couple years from now she’ll be working the streets in mid town with a crystal meth habit and a sunken face festooned with gin blossoms.

  11. One more thing, Megyn, that picture of you doesn’t look sexy, it looks like your breaking wind.

  12. She should book a vacation to Egypt, visit Tahrir Square, and tell them she is there for the Lara Logan treatment.

  13. “One more thing, Megyn, that picture of you doesn’t look sexy, it looks like your breaking wind.”

    There’s a difference?

  14. Foolish NBC. They should have listened to the lyrics of “The Snake” before they took her in.

  15. Apparently being filled with righteous feminist hate causes you to lose your looks and to make poor career decisions…

  16. Notice how she lowers her voice as she says, “Notice the link at the bottom…to Infowars.”

    That means she’s SEEEEEEERIOUS! /s

    What. A. Clown.

  17. She’s a wretched wretch if I ever saw one. She lies through her teeth for fame, but loses her entire audience (I, for one, never trusted her or liked her much), she falls back on her looks for insurance but they’re not all that great. Everyone with half a brain is laughing her, because of her foolishness and how needlessly vain she is. She’s a poor interviewer, an even worse ‘journalist’. Basically it STINKS to be Me-again Kelly.

  18. “Some kind of accelerated high-stress anorexic menopause has caught up with her since November 08.”

    Being deceitful, and on the losing end of politics, will do that to you.

  19. Wondering…what does she see when she looks in a mirror?

    I pity her children bc I doubt she can leave the ‘control freak’ at work…pity also for her housekeeper, Carla. Hubby, not so much!

  20. That photo is from an earlier promotional commercial for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals or Smith-Kline, advertising a drug for Crohn’s Disease, I think.

    The tagline was “Where will you be when your next diarrhea attack hits?”

  21. If that pose is sexy my wife must think I’m the sexiest man on earth. I never showed it to her early in our dating ritual, but once I did, we married soon thereafter.

    Must have been the sexy pose.

  22. That ‘sexy’ photo of Megan in the chair looks more like she is ripping the mother of all bean/broccoli/asparagus/onion/garlic/cheese/cabbage/fish burrito farts!

  23. I’ve never had much use for Jones. I had even less for Kelly after the August debate last year. I wonder how deep that tank will be for her.

  24. I honestly never saw what was was so attractive about her. Her face always looked mannish to me, even with all the paint money could buy.

  25. Maybe she can pick up on Kathy Griffin’s old promo gig, Squatty Potty! Should be right up her alley and in keeping with her on-air talents!

  26. I’m going to make it a habit to bookmark and click on infowars at least ten times a day. Maybe others will do it just to let the woman scorned and her station know that Her scheme backfired.

  27. Watched part of the show only because it was on the station my wife was watching before it started.

    First thought was this isn’t about AJ promoting conspiracy theories, it’s meant to smear Trump.

    Second thought was if she really wanted to do a show about people who push conspiracies. She would know AJ is minor league and instead lined up guest who are pushing the Trump Putin collaboration to steal the presidential election. AJ has preschooler skills in comparison to those vicious professionals who are cooperating to destroy a president and a country.

  28. The faux news crew as it quits, is fired, or just runs is showing
    it’s leftist communist news bint.

    Phuckem, not gonna miss’em.

  29. Maggie can attempt to destroy Trump all she’d like. Aside from her mother, her kids, her dog
    and her mirror, no one is watching….no one hears her…because no one cares.

    I still stand by my assertion that The brilliant Peacock just paid a great deal of money for a three
    legged racehorse.

    I’m thinking she’ll eventually end her contract there doing a chit chat show…nowhere near a news


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