“I won’t accept brutal orders anymore”

Iran: Photo shows Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps badge, note “I won’t accept brutal orders anymore”

Jihad Watch: Iran- Freedom protests continue into fourth night despite killings and threats from the Islamic regime.

If the Islamic Republic were to pass into history with 2017, it would be the greatest gift the Iranian people could possibly receive.

“Protests in Iran cities resume on fourth day, social media footage shows,” Al Arabiya, December 31, 2017:

On fourth day of Iran protests, in the northeastern city of Mashhad, protesters chanted: “Khamenei, have some shame, and leave the country alone!”

In Tehran, according to wire reports, police used water cannon to try to disperse demonstrators gathering in Ferdowsi Square in the center of the capital, citing video footage posted on social media.  more here

15 Comments on “I won’t accept brutal orders anymore”

  1. They did happen when Obama was president. In 2009. Obama sided with the mullahs, kept his head down, didn’t say a word. And the Green Revolution Movement died violently.

  2. When the regime loses the military it is boned. Let’s hope for more of this. I would like to see their military march, arrest the politicians along with a couple hundred crazy fricking mullahs and set up an election. We could lend them a few copies of our constitution. It has worked well for us for a couple hundred years.I am not a fan of the parlimentry system.

  3. Ahmadinejad and the head of the judiciary have been fighting over whose mental health is stable. The judiciary is trying to charge him with corruption.

  4. When the protection forces become the target of an enraged public, they start to get nervous.

    1. Keep protecting corrupt tin-horn dictators.
    2. Side with the people and keep their head on their shoulders.

  5. They tried a few years ago. They’ve been waiting since 1979. Good luck to them. Hope they don’t get our Antifa bums instead.

  6. Oddly enough some Iranian women are gorgeous, which is why they put potato bags on their wives. That being said a Free Iran would work wonders on pulling Muslim’s heads out of their asses ! (their hands too)

  7. @ Kevin R – bingo!

    I reckon the reason why all the EU politicians and Leftist USA politicians are either not saying anything about the Iran protests or actively commenting against the protests is that they are scared shitless that a successful overthrow of the corrupt Mohammedan mullahs will expose the backdoor corruption and treason of the West’s Leftist Globalist politicians and bureaucrats.


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