ICYMI- Dolly Parton Pledges To Help Families Who Lost Homes

Having been born and raised in the same county as the terrible wild fires, also home to the Dollywood DreamMoore Resorts, country music legend, Dolly Parton has formed the “My People Fund” that will provide $1,000 a month for six months to those families that have lost their homes.


Watch for SJ warriors to take issue with the name and demand that she give money to people burned out of their homes because their crack pipes exploded.

14 Comments on ICYMI- Dolly Parton Pledges To Help Families Who Lost Homes

  1. i really love this lady

    she came from very humble beginning, and i remember her describing all kids in one bed where it was considered a good thing if one wet the bed during the winter because it kept them warm

  2. I was in Cherokee NC for a few days mid Oct, Then drove 45 miles north through SMNP to the Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg area and stayed one night. Fall colors were at their peak on the drive over the mountain. Absolutely beautiful. I drove over the mountain three times. A month later My wife and I were in PF for several days before TGD. One thing stood out this year. The town was busier than it had been over the last eight or ten years during the week of Thankgiving.

    The news reported that Dolly had just arrived for a short stay. She may have been in the area when the fire reached Gatlinburg and threatened Dollywood. I’m glad I wasn’t there when the fire got close to the area. The worst i experienced was smoky air visible briefly at a distance one afternoon.

    I know Dolly’s more worldly ways doesn’t set well with some of the more conservative residents, but Dolly clearly hasn’t forgotten her humble beginning nor the people of her home county.

  3. She’s genuine and sincere – she’s the real deal – the only thing about her that isn’t fake. And that is said as a compliment. She’d say the same thing and laugh about it.

  4. My significant other lost her boobs in an aging accident some time ago (actually, they went south one winter and refused to come back). I’m hoping that Dolly will open up her blouse – uh, I mean, heart – and help me out in my hour of need. All contributitions will be gratefully acceptit.


  5. Dolly is highly thought of here, in East Tennessee. God Bless her. I even worked at Dollywood for a spring/summer season before I started college.


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