ICYMI: Fauxcanhontas pays her Squaws less Wampum than she does her Braves


Elizabeth Warren BLASTS pay gap – but look what we just found out about her staff…

Yesterday was Equal Pay Day, and despite the overwhelming amount of evidence that it is *not* due to discrimination, every liberal politician took the opportunity to virtue signal just how much they were concerned about the fictional injustice.

Paying men and women differently was made illegal from the Equal Pay Act – in 1963. If there are women in the situation where they truly are being paid unequally with their male count parts in the same jobs under the same circumstances, they can easily sue for it – and should be encouraged to.

In the case of Elizabeth Warren, despite making comments about equal pay in the past, such as last year when she called it a “national embarrassment,” she didn’t tweet out anything this year like the rest of her colleagues did.

So what explains her silence?

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  1. Hate to hijack this, but Shep Smith is having a pearl-clutch right now over the bmissile strike against Syria, trying desperately to get Gen. Jack Keane to say trump is wrong, but Keane is 100% behind the Pres.

  2. My dad went to high school with bob mackie, but I don’t know if that matters at this point anyway. He slap went to high school with Vicki Cardona. You figure it out. 🤓🤡🔥🎭⚔️ Pppfft.

  3. So the Cowboy happened upon a chief and his squaw while riding along the trail.
    The Chief was riding up high on his horse. Very erect. Very proud.
    The squaw was following close behind, shuffling on foot, crouched from the weight of the supplies she was toting on her back.
    “Hey Chief,” asked the Cowboy, “Why is your squaw walking along with such a heavy burden while you are taking it easy on the back of that horse?”
    Chief looks back at his woman, then at the Cowboy, and replies, “Squaw not have money for a horse.”

  4. Scary Woman speak the double-tongue, heap big double-face, cause trouble in village.
    Best to drive witch-woman into forest.
    Best for whole tribe.

  5. As a native amerikan I take offense at your characterization of senator Warren. I am a member of her tribe and will defend her to my death!

  6. I’m a native American too since I was born here. If one believes their ‘people’ have ALWAYS been here, then they are NOT, “native Americans”. They are, ABORIGINES.

    Otherwise on the pay thing, if you sign on and accept it… the onus is on ‘you.’

  7. Well, that’s TWO Libtard women that talk the good talk, but don’t walk the good walk on “equal gender pay”.
    The other Libtard woman? Shrillary Clintoon.

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