If Barack Obama Had Been President in 1979 [ What would the world be like today?]

Patriot Retort: In light of everything that is happening in Iran, I thought it might be timely to hop in the Way Back Machine to when Obama was finalizing the Iran Deal.

It made me wonder what life would be like if this appeaser had been President back in 1979.

So here is my column from March 21, 2015 asking that very question.

If Barack Obama Had Been President in 1979March 21, 2015

If Barack Obama had been President of the United States in 1979, what side of the Iranian Revolution do you think he would have been on?

Let’s be honest. Carter was bad enough.

Carter abandoned US ally the Shah of Iran which ushered in the rise of the mullahs.

It goes without saying that, like Jimmy Carter, Obama would have thrown the Shah of Iran under the bus.

After all, Obama has a track record of abandoning our allies.

But I think Obama would have been far worse than Carter.

Jimmy Carter was just an inept peacenik in so far over his head. And despite wanting to do what was in the best interests of the United States, Jimmy didn’t have a clue how to do that.

Unlike Carter, Obama isn’t burdened with a desire to do what is in the best interest of the United States.

It wasn’t that Carter wanted Ayatollah Khomeini’s Islamic revolution to send Iran tumbling back into the stone age. And he certainly didn’t want Americans taken hostage.

Instead, Carter just didn’t have the capacity to think through his choices and foresee the damage he was causing.

In a word, Jimmy Carter was incompetent.

But Obama? I don’t believe that Obama is an incompetent, starry-eyed peacenik. Not at all.  read more

18 Comments on If Barack Obama Had Been President in 1979 [ What would the world be like today?]

  1. Obama would have had our troops in Europe back home by 1978. It might have been a toss up for the Soviets in 1979: Khyber Pass, or Fulda Gap?

  2. Brezhnev’s eyebrows would have been given special care at the best DC salons on his trips. Tim Kaine would have been accused of appropriation many years later.

  3. Through obama’s treason, money transfers, weapons to terrorist programs and support of islamic nuclear ability and hiring islamic brotherhood operatives in the NSA and within agencies such as homeland security, there is absolutely no doubt where his loyalties were placed. His caliphate has yet to show, but he did all in his power to hasten his arrival.

  4. The Civil war would have been over a long time ago and most libtards would be living in another country or pushing up daisies. There would be several monument in DC where we hung traitors. Our Military would be so advanced every other nation would disband there’s. Our educational system would be second to none. Zero time spent on racial studies or humanity. Just hardcore on the math and sciences. BoRock escaped at the last minute to Cuba where he was hired as Fidels personal secretary until Fidel died. Now days BoRock just tends to the grave wearing a Che tee shirt.

  5. All the speculation in the world won’t do us any good because lil barry wasn’t presidunce yet, thank God. Maybe at the time he was being groomed as the perfect Manchurian candidate by a bunch of far lefties and America haters who knew that the American people (mostly dumbass lazy baby boomers) might just be dumb enough to fall for the election of the 1st black President. In that case which may be to some extent true we were sure sold a false bill of goods and got hosed by the left. Thank God that Trump beat hellary otherwise we’d probably be totally fucked since she would finish off destroying that barry hadn’t. And besides barry was a punk kid in the mid 70’s and not old enough yet to become presidunce and not seasoned enough by Satan and the musloids to serve their purposes yet.

  6. The way I unnnerstan it in my own simpleminded way was the Shaw of Iran was trying to sort of make Iran sort of Western? But he weren’t doin’ it fast enough for the phucken peanut farmer. So we got what we have now. I don’t know nuttin, but that. How’s That for history?


    They gave safe haven to the Ayatollah. How did that appeasement work out for them?

  8. The Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini had Sadegh Ghotbzadeh advising him how to use the Western Press to topple the Shah. Jimmy Carter had Zbigniew Brzezinski advising him how to sell out the Shah. And, Barack Hussein Obama had Valerie Jarrett telling him what to do to sell out America.

  9. To echo Marco…I don’t believe Barry is capable of any of this treasonous evil. He’s just the stooge of the real powers-that-be. He’s small, stupid, petty not capable of such tampering

  10. As a reaction to his presidency a Trump-like person would have risen to make America great again and most liberals would be dead by now.

  11. ABC seems to think Obama is still Pres. They ran a story within the past couple of days about a Viet Nam vet who was finally receiving his medal of honor. They promoted it as a new story. Then the video came up and it was from Obama’s time in the WH.

  12. Well….when you consider that in 1979 Jimmy “I did not lust aftet that woman” Carter….the SECOND WORST POTUS in history…behind Obama the titleholder held that position it’s hard to say if things would have turned out much different.


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