If You Vacation in Mexico, Remember – Don’t Drink the Booze

Estimates are that roughly 30 percent of the alcohol served in Mexico is tainted.
American tourists reported having a couple of mixed drinks then blacking out. Some have been assaulted, some raped and some have drowned in the wading pools. There was a travel alert put out by the Dept. of State this summer, but nothing has been done in Mexico to address the problem.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has been investigating numerous cases of American citizens being served bad booze in Mexico and the sometimes tragic consequences after they’ve passed out. Watch

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  1. America has all the climates Lazlo needs and will not travel abroad again. Unless its to see Melania Trump’s birthplace.
    Travel abroad is for history, and observation of other humans in their natural surroundings.
    Travel in America is for observing greatness

  2. Mexico should only been seen through a pair of binoculars from 5 miles away or from 35,000 feet @ 550 knots. Hard core Mexico loyalists have been defending their trips last ten years. However, those defenders are now few and far between. Finally, this year, the worst of the worst candidly announced they were going to Hawaii from now on. NONE of their friends wanted to go back to Mexico.

  3. I’ve literally driven from on end of that country to the other. Beautiful, but corrupt as hell. Her people, collectively, don’t have the spine to stand up to Feds or narcos. BTW- Merry Christmas to you all!

  4. My book club this last year read God’s Middle Finger: Into the Lawless Heart Of The Sierra Madre by Richard Grant. This is a very interesting book if you want to know about Mexico and the crazy journey that Richard grant chronicled about his trip to find the real Mexico. It’s highly entertaining, extremely funny in places and the guy is lucky he was able to get of Mexico alive to tell this story.

  5. Contrary to popular opinion, the tequila doesn’t kill the organisms in the water or the ice.
    geoff the aardvark – I read that -they sure have a different concept of ‘corn liquor, don’t they?

  6. I read the one and 2 star review of “God’s Middle finger”. Some of those reviews were credible enough to make me believe that the book was mostly a fabrication and not at all a valid portrayal of the area.

    That said, I agree Mexico is a not go.

  7. I used to stay at the VOQ at Laredo AFS, walk across the bridge and do dome shopping. I could get a $2 bottle of Mexican made Baqardi rum.
    I remember a young boy offering up his sister for $2. I figured the rum was safer. That was in the 1960s – wouldn’t dare do that now.

  8. I remember donkey shows and killer resturants that were dirt cheap on the border in the 70’s. Never catch me on a border town ever again. EL Salvador and Belize are safer

  9. @Ranger76 December 25, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    Since immigrants are only coming here to pick up the slack of jobs Americans won’t do, where can I catch a local donkey show?

  10. I worked in Mexico last year for a total of 10 weeks on multiple trips. I had a company driver and had to stay in approved, and very nice hotels. I always dined with Mexican associates when outside the hotel. I would never go there any other way. The crime is getting worse and not worth the risk.

  11. I’ve been invite, in the past to visit them, in Mexico. One family is in Guyamas, Sonora, one is in Cuernavaca, Morales. I was afraid to go, I’m an old gringo and after reading this, I sure won’t go. And I’m not much of a drinker. It’s the cartels.

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