I’m Right. No, I’M Right!

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  1. 3. If you go into the woods today you’re in a for a big surprise….
    4. Hey buddy long time, give me a five. Hey pal back at ya.
    5. They were Lemur fight-ing, they were fast as light-ning…
    6. Bird: You’re behind on your rent, and I’m here to evict you pal.
    7. And in other news North Korea continues to goad the United States…
    8. Harry I would love to run off and marry you, but we c antelope.
    9. And I hereby swear to uphold and honor the rules of the Moose Lodge…wait a minute aren’t we elk?
    10. Kitty: “Come on pal. I can take you on and then some. You’re not bad enough to even take on a piece of me. Come one give it your best shot, I’m ready for ya.
    11. And Frank the Zebra goes for a hammerlock as he moves for a takedown…
    12. And in other news President Donald Trump and senator jeff flake exchanged words on Twitter today…
    13. I love you tooo as sure as i’m a ‘roo. You do? Me too.
    14. And Riki Tiki Tavi was about to show that snake who’s boss…
    15. Whoa WHOA there’s ice under this snow….we’re losing it! We’re gonna crash!
    16. Hey. Who put you in there? Don’t you worry pal I’ll get you out of there. What kind of person hangs a bird cage on the outside of a car? Whose car is this anyway, mitt romney’s?

  2. The first image is from LIFE magazine in the 60’s, IIRC, and at that point the baboon had about a second and a half to live.

  3. Thank you Claudia. Nice to be reminded that humans aren’t the only species that disagree with each other.


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