In a Karmic World Conan O’Brien in Haiti Won’t Be a Trip to Paradise


In the wake of President Donald Trump’s alleged disparaging remarks about Haiti, Conan O’Brien will take his TBS late-night talk show to that Caribbean nation to film a special episode of his show, Entertainment Weekly reports.

O’Brien shared the news first on Twitter Sunday: “Still reeling from @realDonaldTrump’s very negative Yelp review of Haiti, which means I’ll love it,” he tweeted. “Headed to Haiti later this week to explore and make some new friends. Stay tuned for my report. #ConanWithoutBorders”

The airdate of the special was not announced.

O’Brien has previously hosted specials in Israel, Germany, South Korea and Qatar.

43 Comments on In a Karmic World Conan O’Brien in Haiti Won’t Be a Trip to Paradise

  1. Lots of Papa and Baby Doc Jokes for the whole family. Conan is going to teach us how to make voodoo dolls of Trump and explain how the Haitians killed all the White folk (including the mulattoes).

    Word of advice, don’t show them any pictures of you at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding or any video ofyou hosting the Clinton Global Initiative University 2016 event. (19:25 min mark)

  2. The quality of late night television / talk shows went to zero at the end of Johnny Carson’s final show.

  3. Yea, take Colbert with you
    and make sure to drink lots
    of that 3rd world water from the
    tap… stupid bastard.

  4. He should be sentenced to life in Haiti just for that hideous hairdo alone.
    I could not ever bring myself to watch him, he just looks like a complete dork.

  5. I’d like to see one of his crew get murdered there and he has to live with this idiotic decision for the rest of his life.

  6. The natives will no doubt be curious, if not down right freaked by the 6’4” flaming red haired, translucent skinned anomaly traipsing among the sh*t strewn alleys. Conan better slap a 100 SPF sunblock on that fat alabaster forehead.

    The Late Night circuit are reaping mega 💰💰off of DJT & secretly hope for a second term, otherwise their clapping seal audiences will revert back to disinterested yawners.

  7. They will specifically film only in the few pleasant places there. They will avoid the majority of the island where the poor live in open sewer and filth because of corrupt people like the Clintons and Demonrats.

  8. He should get his shots first and take a large medical staff. And a second boat load of 55 gallon drums of clean water, and armed guards. On second thought, it is Colon O’Brien, thought maybe just a small gym bag.

  9. Something tells me that Conan won’t be broadcasting from a shithole tin-roof ghetto, eating local dirtcake and drinking the water…

  10. Maybe he should bring some of the 11 Billion dollars Americans donated to the relief fund that the Clintons made sure they never got…

  11. Hey Conan, do a couple hundred eye surgeries while your there. Or this this all a publicity stunt to get ratings.

    Why did I even ask.

  12. Many ppl vacation in the Caribbean in places like Jamaica but even those “better” places, you leave a resort and you are in a third world shithole.

    Barely a road. A beautiful bay filled to the shore as a tire dump or with garbage.

    Somehow, I bet Conan will get the Kim Jong Un tour and be sitting by himself at the best pizza joint in Port de Paix.

  13. Elitist like O’Brien never go to sh*tholes like Haiti without a boat of medical, food and a massive crew to pull of a fake news “entertainment” show. These creature comforts most likely will not be shared with the Haitians. Be assured Conan won’t be filming the conditions that make Haiti a disaster. His Trump hating audience don’t really want to know the truth.

  14. Anybody been to Jamaica?
    It was where resorts like Club Med were invented.
    The idea was codified after tourism dropped to nothing in the seventies because every white person that wandered out of the hotel was either robbed and beaten, or just robbed.
    ‘All inclusive’ resorts were invented to keep the tourists from having to interact with the residents of that shithole.
    If Conan does not go swimming in the Ocean from a beach in Haiti, he’s a fraud and a liar.

  15. Imagine what would happen if he comes back with lots of footage of the shithole and actually tells the truth.

    Well, you have your fantasy; I’ll have mine! hehe

  16. And the very next day the NY Times will say:

    O’Brien hosts TV show from beautiful Haiti, which Trump unreasonably called a shithole”

    And further in the article, they will bite Conan on his 4 foot high ass:

    …but O’Brien, who wasn’t seen volunteering or donating to Haiti in return for their scarce gifts of clean water and food, was not really defending Haiti but raping the poor ravaged nation of its limited resources. #MeTooHaiti.

  17. Why stop at Haiti, that is low hanging fruit. Has he considered Somalia? Try going there without an armed army of heavily armed body guards and make some new friends.

  18. Oh, Lord, all I have to do is open IOTW in the morning to read the most incredibly hilarious posters on the planet, and all of my troubles go away…
    Thank you!!
    BTW, is there actually a hotel in Haiti? What is it called? The Shithole Roadhouse?

  19. Sandals Shithole flying into Hepatitis Bay. Take a bumpy bus ride to Ojos Rojos where you can cliff dive into a biohazard bag of AIDS needles.

    Yes, I have been to Jamaica. Bunch of Castro loving commies and drug lords on jet skis.

  20. Geezuz, does anybody with half a brain figure that O’Brien will actually film in the bad parts of Haiti? To keep it “real” they’ll be finding a place that is pretty good but not resort level good, the people they’ll interview will all have scripted responses that will not implicate the Clintons in the rape of the place and they’ll be a small army of off-camers guards making sure the riff-raff stay out of camera range and not bother the crew.


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