Insurers To Lose Billions On Loss Of Obamacare Subsidies

They should have seen it coming. They should have made provisions.  After all, handling risk is what they do for a living. Instead, health insurers posted their premiums for 2017 expecting the federal government to continue subsidizing them. Now, the hand-out is gone and they are on the hook for billions in losses this year.

The real scandal is the state insurance regulators who watched the companies they oversee hang themselves out to dry and never tried to stop them from doing it.


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    🍎 Obamacare was passed with reconciliation
    🍎 No one read the bill
    🍎 The Supreme Court illegally edited it
    🍎 It was altered by Obama, bypassing the legislature
    🍎 It was illegally funded by Obama’s stash, bypassing the legislature
    🍎 Premiums went up but were told, “Not a dime more.”
    🍎 We don’t get our same doctor because we were told we could keep them
    🍎 We are punished for not purchasing it

    So basically, corruption as usual.

  2. OH MY!!!….Myself and a few others here were called “Dum Dum’s” on this site for merely predicting this outcome from the health insurance industry…

    The Insurance industry is only a middle man that grabs their vigorish and provides NOTHING!…..They should have nothing to do with your healthcare. Hell, They fuck up your payment for a dented fender.

  3. My individual insurance has gone up 178% over the 5 years of 0bamacare mandates. Anthem Blue Cross stopped offering coverage in my area at the end of this year, I just moved to Blue Shield at a 30% mark-up. But I did keep my doctor.
    Healthcare insurance reform was needed in 2010 – but what we needed was elimination of the business tax deduction, elimination of the state-lines requirement, and generally freeing the private market to do what it does a hell of a lot better than government can.

  4. I moved to a different state almost 3 years ago….one provider BCBS at $540 a month with a 6K deductible. I went to the Obamacare site and I made too much money……..Next year, I got quoted $580 a month with a 6K deductible…..I went back to the Obamacare site, but this time I declared minimal income. I qualified for the silver plan at a cost of $780 a month with a $1500 deductible. My personal cost would be $66 dollars a month with the government subsidizing the rest or $718 payed to BCBS from the government, guaranteed….The health Insurance industry liked this outcome and counted on it…….Auto,auto,boat,rv will go up to cover these thieving’ bastards losses…………Somebody on this issue is conspicuously absent…..

  5. Insurance contributions to campaign committees and PACs will increase….government isn’t done bailing out Big Contributors.

  6. 2 years ago = $400
    Last year = $1100
    For 2018 = $1600

    Per month, single w/no dependents. Plans canceled, new plans comparable.

    I could buy a nice house in my area for that kind of money. When does it end?

  7. @ Different Tim – Though that is for some people, not me.

    I lost my wife and best friend 4 yrs ago to a brain tumor. I’ll never be happy again.

  8. All the physician/proprietors I knew and respected have moved on, to employment by hospital owned practices, to other careers/avocations or to retirement.

    obama currently spends his time chooming, playing video games, sleeping in, readying his March Madness picks, chooming and farting on his couch. Just like he did for 8 years as Preznit. He deserves credit for transforming healthcare. Hope he can’t find free golf anywhere.

  9. .45-70, I’m sorry. My love and best friend is dying a slow, miserable death. I will also never be happy again when he passes. I will be alone for the rest of my life.

  10. Rottylover – when you say “I do” ít also means “I will”

    Different Tim – Don’t sweat it, man. You didn’t know. I could have easily not said anything. So please dont feel ashamed or down. Please?

  11. Every dime insurance companies get comes out of our healthcare budget. Every piece of paper shifted by them, and by the countless office beurocrats at every level of our “healthcare” system, costs US money.

    The ONLY way to bring down the actual COST of healthcare is to OUTLAW ALL forms of insurance and third party payments. Make people responsible for their own healthcare, and the providers will have no choice but offer what people can pay for.

  12. Hey Bill….I didn’t buy it.I couldn’t because of my income. I just put in some low income numbers to see what they would offer, sadly I was proven correct.


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