Intellectual Froglegs: Trump Train Vs Crazy Train

Intellectual Froglegs: It’s not just liberal media that’s going crazy during these first months of the Trump Administration— Trump is also playing a little havoc with the right wing media too — albeit for different reasons.

We’ve watched as the hysterics of the irrational left morphed into white noise— their freshly acheived plateau of irrelevancy is second only to their wildly misplaced arrogance.  Yet amazingly, they seem undeterred and impervious to embarrassment.

Nobody’s paying attention to them anymore.

Well, except for a lot of our friends on the right, who jobs rely on news, news and more news.  


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  1. Joe Dan’s truisms:
    Climate change scientists, Al Gore and Bill Nye, are not scientists.

    The Rev. Al Sharpton is not a Reverend.
    The woman of the year has balls. LOL

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