Investigation finds ‘scientific misconduct’ in study claiming microplastic pollution harms fish

American Thinker: There is a huge market for fantasies of doom, and some scientists are doing their best to keep pace with filmmakers. Horror films feed an enduring human need to be scared.  And now that greenies have thoroughly scared us with tales of impending apocalypse as the end result of our scientific progress, scientists around the world have wised up and taken steps to give the market what it demands.

Unfortunately, the vast rewards for fabricating doom have led to some awful abuses, a few of which are starting to be documented.  Take, for example, this article published in the widely read journal Nature.  Quirin Schiermier writes:

Researchers Peter Eklöv (left) and Oona Lönnstedt.

Two Swedish scientists have been found guilty of “misconduct in research” in a paper that they published in Science and later retracted. Their highly publicized work had suggested that tiny particles of plastic in the ocean harm fish.

The misconduct ruling was made by an investigative board from Uppsala University in Sweden, where the researchers work.

Marine biologist Oona Lönnstedt and limnologist Peter Eklöv originally reported in their 2016 paper that microplastic particles have negative effects on young fish, including reducing their efforts to avoid predators.  The duo’s report described a series of experiments on an island in the Baltic Sea.

The investigation involved three separate inquiries, with the first exonerating the scientists after doubts emerged and the second finding against them.  The third, conducted by the university employing the scientists, was definitive:  MORE

9 Comments on Investigation finds ‘scientific misconduct’ in study claiming microplastic pollution harms fish

  1. More whores. By the way, the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” is possibly one of the most inane ever produced….. Even worse than Existenz

  2. I remember reading this article recently and they were talking about the risks of glitter! I immediately threw all my glitter away. Now, upon hearing this news, all my crafting projects have been dull and uninspiring for nothing. I’m beginning to distrust scientific studies.

  3. I know it’s only anecdotal but the only proof I need that Mother Gaia will always win against the puny efforts of humanity is when I go on vacation for an extended period of time and come back to her untiring and unceasing reclamation of my yard.

    So, they got caught cheating. I’d like to know what’s going to happen to them for it.

  4. Why are these people of “authority” constantly lying to us? In a bad way?
    Why would these people here lie in such a way that our lives are unnecessarily impacted negatively?
    Why would our FBI lie in such a way as to stick us with the inferior lying Hillary Clinton?

  5. I’m with Abigail on bearing witness to the fact that nature always wins. My neighbor diligently mowed his yard daily until age and injury caught up with him. After just a few days, his yard would look like a scene from “life after people” until a friend or neighbor would go bushwhacking (just mowing won’t suffice to beat back the wilderness). A little bit of glitter won’t stop The Wild.


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