iOTWreport PSA: Total Solar Eclipse Reminder

Reader, Art of the Zeal, wanted to remind people to keep pets indoors during the solar eclipse. Animals can be blinded if they notice the eclipse and stare into it.

This is a very good, and oft neglected, tip.


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  1. I am so sick of all things “eclipse”. Can’t wait until it is over.

    I saw the one in 1979. It wasn’t a ‘total’ but definitely no big deal. And nobody gave a shit 24/7.

  2. Headed to Charleston tomorrow to share the event on the beach with a NASA expert! So excited! She’s bringing all the gear to analyze the eclipse. It would have been cool here in Hilton Head, but way cooler in Charleston.

    BFH – how about one of your open feeds on Monday? Will be glad to provide NASA DATA!

  3. My son is a veterinarian and he says this is balderdash. Animals normally don’t stare at the sun and they’re not going to do anything differently during this eclipse. Period. Relax….

  4. As far as wild animals most nocturnal animals will just be confused and think they over slept…same may apply to not so bright humans such as democRATS!

  5. My Pomeranians are beautiful but dumb as dirt. I worry about one of my border collies. I could see him noticing.
    On a lighter note. They say fishing may improve.

  6. lol! One of my now departed doggies loved to look in the sky to watch birds and airplanes fly. She would bark at them sometimes. She caught quite a few crows but never caught an airplane. 😀

  7. MJA: My black Labrador Beauregard watches birds fly over. He hates hawks, turkey vultures, and especially CROWS. Barks ferociously and runs after them as they fly. He would love to catch a crow like your departed pup, but I’ve never seen him remotely interested in the sun. 😎

  8. We’re in an area that’s going to have right at 99% coverage. I swear, I’m sick and tired of hearing about the eclipse.

    However, my daughter developed a special drink for her bar and they have 100 pairs of approved glasses so we will be there!

    As for pets, we heard all day on the radio from vets saying while animals will look up to the sky they will not look directly into the sun as it hurts their eyes. They’re smarter than humans.

  9. No need to get a pair of protective eclipse glasses for your dog or cat, experts say they don’t normally look at the sun.

    In today’s NASA briefing about Monday’s solar eclipse, co-chair of the National Solar Eclipse Task Force Angela Speck remarked, “It’s no different than any other day. On a normal day your pets don’t try to look at the sun and therefore don’t damage their eyes, so on this day they’re not going to do it either.”

  10. DH and I are already at destination. We will have totality here at our SIL & daughter’s home here in MO. Daughter dearest and I plan to sit on the deck with our margaritas watching the eclipse while the guys photograph it.

    Here, totality will be only 38 seconds. We all chose not to fight traffic in Columbia for another 2 minutes of darkness

    All kinds of traffic delay warnings for tomorrow posted along the interstate today.

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