Is Life Fair?

I have been participating in YouGov surveys for many years. It started as a fun thing to do and a way to make a little money (100,000 points gets you a $100 prepaid Visa card. Yeah, it takes some time to accumulate 100,000 points, but I’ve redeemed them for two cards so far.). It also has become a way to add my voice to the side of decency to counter the left in political and lifestyle issues.

Earlier this month, I answered two questions about the fairness of life. The first question, “Do you think life is fair or not fair?”, I answered “No”. Of course, life is not fair. Even as a child, I knew that it was not fair; never thought it should be. I accepted the life I was born into, but also knew that I could make it better. My parents worked hard and didn’t complain about their lot in life. Dad worked hard, accepted overtime and pinched every penny. Mom kept us five kids clothed and fed, made sure we went to school and did our homework and chores and never complained when we brought her a bouquet of Dandelions.

The next question was, “Do you think life should be fair?”, was a no-brainer. Of course not, what a childish thing to think. I did expect some to answer in the positive since we have seen that the left has become so childish, but was surprised at the percentage of “yes” answers by age.

It was expected that the number of Democrats who answered “yes” was higher than that of the Republicans. What was troubling was the number of respondents that answered “yes” increased as their age increased. What does that mean?

See the results here.

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21 Comments on Is Life Fair?

  1. “Fair” is a word that is situational and means many things to different people. I would never include it in an objective survey unless I was using it to manipulate an outcome.

  2. Yup!! Life is as fair as you choose in most cases to make it. Would I like to make more and have more? Sure. Was I willing to go to school and push harder to achieve a better outcome? Nope, wasn’t for me. Upon leaving basic education I learned a trade, became good at it, moved up from there. Not rich but I worked hard and what I have is well earned.

  3. Life shouldn’t be fairer for some than others; i.e. inside traders, politicians who exempt themselves from the law, groups given preferential treatment based on race, rapists who get off because they’re “entertainers”.
    The question should be “how do we make life more fair for the honest people and less fair for the crooks and manipulators?”

  4. Maybe some people think life is fair because one gets out of life what one puts into life. Your life sucks because you didn’t try ergo, life is fair because you made your life sucky.

  5. @Billy Fuster:

    “Fair” is a word that is situational and means many things to different people. I would never include it in an objective survey unless I was using it to manipulate an outcome.

    I think YouGov was honestly examining how their survey respondents think with these questions. More on this in next comment.

    Like Claudia, I’ve been participating in these surveys for a number of years, but unlike Claudia once I amass 30,000 points I swap them for a $25 CVS or Walgreens gift card.

  6. wonder how many of the ‘life should be fair’ votes believe it pertains to that ‘pursuit of happiness’ bit?

  7. That was such a simplistic and stupid question that those who posed on the dot gov site should be immediately dismissed with extreme prejudice.

    Life is life. Life is neither fair or unfair. It’s life. Some pure children get cancer and die as children. Some are rockstars living the beatle mania life with that spins out of control, then they correct and right themselves and get assassinated.

    Fair? OK.

    I don’t understand the question.

  8. As Billy Fuster points out, the word fair is pretty slippery; it has lots of meanings and shades of meaning.

    “Life” in the survey’s undefined context isn’t volitionally and conceptually conscious, nor does it have a sense of time. The only non-silly meaning for the word as used in the survey that I can come up with is that life is some kind of summation of the way other people treat you. And that isn’t legitimately summable. Good people and bad, rational people and irrational, empathetic people and the aloof…how do you smoosh all that into a single simple descriptor such as “fair”? Beats me. All you can really do is consider whether Aloysius is a fair person or not, and even then Aloysius may be fair only on Mondays and Thursdays.

  9. You know what would be “fair” to me?
    Gang banging drug dealers executed in the streets saving children’s lives.

    Wow. How crazy am I?

  10. Anyone who thinks life should be fair
    hasn’t graduated from their parent’s basement yet!
    So to all you Snowflakes who think life sucks –
    Life hasn’t even begun to fuck you up yet.
    Buckle up Assholes!

  11. From Webster’s:

    1. in accordance with the rules or standards; legitimate:
    synonyms: just · equitable · honest · upright · honorable · trustworthy · impartial ·
    Life is too complex and prolonged to even asign the term “fair” to it. Who defines the rules? Is there some regulatory body that develops a standard for fairness of life? It is hard enough to assign a rule or standard for simple things like a unit of time or distance.
    Only a commie would try to assign “fairness” to life.

  12. Sometimes life is fair. At times it is poor. Most people, though, prefer it to be above average, or at least good.

  13. Great site, Claudia. 2000 points coming your way.

    I’ve been lucky, but life is not fair. It was never intended to be.

    I’m with BB and PH

  14. And another 2k for ya Claudia. I have no intention of doing anything with the site, but I love your Sunday animals.


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