Is she on backwards?



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  1. No, Cardigan. She’s wearing it as intended.
    Those “shoulder straps” carry her sagging breasts, with the nipples taped to the upper arms.

    Now, please excuse me while I throw up after visualizing that.

  2. Mrs. Glock 10mm said “How unflattering. No boobs makes her look as if she’s a man with that upper body.”

    If we consider who she cheers for every time a homo comes out of the closet, well….but we know that a Michelle Robinson existed as a female so that theory is busted.

    She really is an ugly woman and worse than that, both inside and out.

  3. Aye aye aye!
    What a horrible mean trick to play on us first thing on New Year’s Day!

    Should be password protected, or at least come with a warning!
    I half expected her head to spin clean around like Linda Blair!

  4. No, no, no, no, no, no.
    Please no!
    Money needs to be raised to keep those straps, poor guys, on those manly shoulders.
    The new year can’t begin with those mutants dropping.

  5. Jerry Manderin: “Barack Obama reluctantly hid his johnson in that.”

    Bukkshit, they went to a fertility clinic and despite her resemblance to a man, Barry still couldn’t do that but can you blame him?

  6. I never thought this before, but after seeing this picture, (s)he was most definitely MICHAEL Robinson before “marrying” Barry.

    Jimminey crickets, but there aint a feminine trait about her/him.

  7. “Off the shoulder” does not mean straps sagging past your elbows. She’s such a Sasquatch.
    Another ensemble from Mooch’s clown couture collection.

  8. I like women with small breasts.
    I like women with large breasts.
    I like tall women.
    I like short women.
    I like caucasian women.
    I like oriental women.
    I like negro women.

    But I can’t find nuthin bout THAT to like …

    guess I’m hung up on homo sapiens.

  9. Man, she’s really ugly in this picture. Can you imagine stepping into a dark alley, and suddenly she comes out of nowhere? I would run. Real fast.

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