Is the FBI silently tipping off Obama that he should pardon Hillary?

With a revelation uncovered by The Conservative Treehouse one wonders whether the FBI is silently tipping off Obama that he should pardon Hillary, or are they silently tipping off the incoming administration that they have the goods on her.

In an unofficial release of documents, on a Sunday, the CTH gang went through hundreds of pages and ran across this –


This hard drive supposedly was missing, thought to be the potential smoking gun if found.

Well, the FBI is saying they have it.

Read the story  * HERE.

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*Thanks, Frank. 🙂 – MJA

16 Comments on Is the FBI silently tipping off Obama that he should pardon Hillary?

  1. Why silently when the CIA uses fake info that was generated by 4chan to troll someone, and put it into their official report. LOL

  2. insurance policy for someone
    or some agency ? Hey BFH any
    update on that young man that worked
    for Killery on her campaign that went
    missing in Oct?

  3. “potential smoking gun”? Uh huh. Haven’t they had about a thousand of those? The field of investigation is littered with red-hot howitzers. She’ll be a prisoner of her own body soon enough. The FBI Clinton theater grows tiresome.

  4. Trump must prosecute the Clintons. If they are allowed to get away with what they did, it opens the door for more, and worse abuses in the future.

  5. Why would Obama pardon Hillary? She didn’t do anything wrong. I’m tired of all the deplorable conservatives pestering her! Leave her be and let her bake oatmeal raisin cookies in peace.

  6. not just hillary, prosecute obama.

    if they don’t swing from a lamp post what’s to stop the rest of the lawyer/professional politicians from doing the same?

    they are not above the law.

  7. I went for a walk in the woods yesterday and who did I run into? Hillary!

    We hugged and laughed and cried. She gave me hot cocoa. I asked her about all the allegations about emails and hard drives and servers and stuff and she assured me it was all utter bullshit.

    I believe her. I feel so much better now.


  8. @Boehnerdict Ryan Arnold January 11, 2017 at 7:42 am

    The word “abuses” indicates some “wrong”. Surely, you’re not “stupid” enough to believe that any “act”, setting aside it’s, individual, magnitude, for the moment, was wrong.

    Can it be wrong for an American government employee to have a second, third, eighth, job? What if those jobs are while the employee is still receiving government checks? Is it wrong for a government created entity to file government paperwork to shift it’s taxes onto others? Is it wrong for a government employee to use “insider” knowledge to get friends and family “hooked up” with limited distribution goodies, before those goodies run out? Is it wrong for a government employee, not just an employee, to perform, even atrociously, poorly on the job, as long as it can not be proven to be intentional sabotage? Add as many Clinton acts as you like.

    Now, “dial up” the magnitude. Is it wrong for a government employee to retire to living in a house that’s market valuation is greater than the total of government earnings accounted for? What if they had a, second or eighth, “side” job? What if they had a spouse with a, second or eighth, “side” job? Is it wrong for them to retire as simple millionaires? Is it wrong for them to retire as multi-millionaires? How many friends and family can they “hook up”, total, before it becomes wrong? How much government money has to flow into the accounts of those friends and family, before it becomes wrong?

    If “everybody does it”, is “it” a common moral failing, or is “it” an integral part of the system’s design?

  9. @LocoBlancoSaltine January 11, 2017 at 9:34 am

    > 1 Terabyte = a whole lota YOGA!

    Not in 4K hi-def! With slo-mo replay shots of the most important shots! Behind the scenes scenes! And extra special, early order, exclusive content!

    (especially if there were cases of terabyte drives sitting around, in case anybody wanted some)

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