Is the Mueller Hunt Dead?

Czar of Defenestration:
 For me, here’s the key excerpt:
“The suit brought Wednesday in US District Court in Washington where Manafort and another former Trump campaign aide, Robert Gates, were charged, contends that the order Rosenstein signed to appoint Mueller “exceeds the scope of Mr. Rosenstein’s authority to appoint special counsel as well as specific restrictions on the scope of such appointments” and challenges Mueller’s decision to charge Manafort with alleged crimes that they say have nothing to do with the 2016 campaign…”.
Is the Left,  including  Manafort, pulling the KILL SWITCH on this, in hopes of killing off the REAL Obama/Clinton/Russia election collusion with the FBI/CIA/NSA etc etc?!?
Will they?!
Stay tuned…though we’re WELL beyond Lilian Gish dramamtics, I’d *swear* we’re living through the *DRAMA* of that time!

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  1. I picture Mueller in the Andrew McCarthy role in “Weekend at Bernie’s.”

    Bernie is the Trump investigation he is trying to prop up.
    Of course Bernie is dead but they still take the Trump investigation skiing in Russia and hilarity ensues.

  2. The key, for me, is the fact they are suing for injunctive relief. Cases seeking injunctive relief are heard fairly soon after being filed. A lawsuit asking for damages can drag on for years. This one won’t.

  3. Tiresome doesn’t begin to describe this deep state cluster fuck.

    Can we all just move along to running a country properly for a while?

    All of this stuff, including the hydra Hillary and her evil sidekick Huma is like raking up the last of the fallen leaves of winter. Simply an aggravation. But Hillary and Huma aren’t in the news today. It’s bannon.

    Look. Squirrel.

  4. isn’t this what everyone said at the get-go? that Mueller exceeded his authority?
    of course, the slavish dogs of the media went where the scent didn’t hunt, ’cause that’s not what they’re interested in
    even the much-maligned Ken Starr asked Mr. Janet Reno if he should proceed w/ the Clinton Zipper-Gate angle

  5. Mueller and his “team” are sucking heavily at the government tit, is the Mueller appointment a payoff by Rosenstein?

    Mueller is soaking the taxpayers for unrelated/open-ended investigations.

    How many $Millions has he and his team received?

    Any work and/or billing outside the scope of his appointment should not be paid. Any funds he or his team received for work outside the scope must be reimbursed to the government.


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