Israel isn’t bound by this craptastic deal with Iran

CFP- Barack Obama and John Kerry may have disavowed any option of attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities (as if they would have ever considered it for a second), but Benjamin Netanyahu sure hasn’t. And Iran might want to keep that in mind, because while it’s seeking to become a nuclear power, Israel already is one.


And Israel’s current leader has a bit more clear-eyed understanding of the threats his nation faces than the fools who lead America at the moment:

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  1. this whole iran “deal” is a big joke.

    kubaki theatre at its finest.

    an imaginary crises created just so a desired solution could be pressed.

    there was no deal made or agreed to.

    all that has happened is the USA will lift it’s sanctions.

    that’s all that changed.

    and just in time to consume the news cycle and get trump/immigration and hillary/charity scam out of the spot light.

  2. I beg to differ. I’m fairly certain that Iran now has a nuke (or more) considering how much Uranium they’ve enriched, and the fact that you only need a few (~70) lbs to make one. They did their explosive tests a couple of months ago (verified) of which the timing is absolutely necessary to ignite a nuke (unverified results).

    I consider that a major change.

  3. I would have loved to have been the fly on the wall(or Obama’s nose) when he heard Bebe say Israel wasn’t bound by this farce.

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