It Started With Her Pants – Clinton House On Fire


The New York home of Bill and Hillary Clinton is on fire.

The Chappaqua Fire Dept. tells TMZ a structure on the property is ablaze and they are on scene trying to control it.

We don’t know whether the main structure was involved or an ancillary structure such as a garage or guest house was on fire.

The Clinton’s bought the home next door to their Chappaqua mansion in 2016 and turned the properties into a single compound. We will update when we know the extent of the damage.

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69 Comments on It Started With Her Pants – Clinton House On Fire

  1. She must have suffered a devastating medical setback recently. A setback too big for The Boot. A setback which can only be covered up by looking like a burn victim.

  2. She is burning evidence . Remember I told you . This year soon soon a lot a people are going to jail. This is no joke is the truth a lot of people going to jail soon

  3. Hillary told the firemen Bill was smoking some ham and it got out of control. She didn’t think she needed to call the fire dept. til she saw Monica Lewinsky come out of the bedroom with scorch marks on her face.

  4. @ MJA I’m telling you we the people will get justice a lot a people are going to jail this year vert soon very soon my friend. Washington, D.C. Have the stuff on her also Russia .

  5. She is trying to get people to feel sorry for her. She no is just a matter of any day a lot of them will be in orange jump suit just wait is coming soon

  6. I agree with Bob. I’m not joking when I say my first thought is she or one of her lickspittle minions started a fire in order to get rid of incriminating evidence.

    Only an honest historical retrospective sometime in the future will show how close America came to annihilation if Killary had managed to steal the Presidency.

    If any of the first responders get injured or killed putting out this arson, she needs to be arrested for manslaughter, at a minimum.

  7. Well Sir, if you recall back on January 3, 2018, that would be seven years ago, we had a fire in our home which destroyed most of our personal belongings, including emails,gmails, laptops and such.

  8. Of course, since they are so broke, they could be simply burning it for the insurance money…….since the Clinton Foundation is shut tighter than her cigar hole……just saying…..

  9. OMG, I’m just dying laughing at the comments! HAHAHAHAHA! “… they turned around and went to Chelsea’s apartment.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  10. She can’t burn those 30,000 emails. The Russians have digital and printed copies, President Trump may be waiting for the best opportunity to reveal he has copies,too. Hellary’s toast.

  11. I just remember the interview that Hillary Clinton had with The reporter whe he ask about Bill Clinton woman’s story and Hillary lied and the light catch on fire remember that video Mary Joseph she said.

  12. … sparks from Server overload
    … friction from Anthony rubbing his Weiner
    … heat from Huma’s hoo-ha
    … vodka breath from the Dragon Lady

  13. They probably do not buy firewood and just burn reams of evidence against them to keep warm. Should make an interesting ash bucket.

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