It’s a Muslim Problem

The number one scourge on this planet is Islam. The number two problem on this planet are the people who don’t think Islam is the number one problem.

The problem is not guns. It’s not cops. It’s not the right-wing. It’s not Christians. It’s not global warming. It’s not hurtful words. It’s not unsafe spaces on college campuses. It’s not people who are made to feel like they are subjected to the wrong bathroom. It’s not CEOs making too much money. It’s not campus rape. It’s not Zika. It’s not mercury in vaccinations. It’s not the lack of bicycle paths. It’s none of these things.

Islam is the number one problem. It’s not going to go away until eradication takes place.

People who insist that Islam be imported into areas that currently do not have Muslims are problem number two. This problem is not going to go away until eradication takes place.

Wise up people.

You must not elect a leader that does not understand that Muslims are a cancer. The supposed millions of peaceful Muslims are of no help to our number one problem. When you have cancer, the majority of your body that does not have cancer is of no help to you.

You have to eradicate or stop the growth of the cancer.

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  1. It’s not a muslim problem,IT’S A FUCKING ISLAM PROBLEM.

    ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM !!!!!!!!!


  2. You’re damn right it is a Muslim problem! The whole world is going to feel it. A real close second, maybe even a tie, are the apologists that think we need to open our hearts and homes to these sub human,
    7th century bastards!

  3. President Trump needs to set as a priority to reclassify islam as a political ideology rather than a religion. Once that is done, and it should be done, it will be no problem banning new immigrants whose sole desire is to change the USA from a democracy to a sharia country. Sharia and islam cannot be separated. Islam is NOT a religion, it is a political ideology that must be destroyed just like communism, marxism and socialism and it cannot align with our Constitution. Don’t let it step foot in MY country!

  4. Obama is not part of the solution. He’s secretly placing Muslims all over the country and Hillary plans to bring hundreds of thousands. Problem number 3 IS the Democrats!

  5. It’s a do gooder PC problem, otherwise we would have stomped the killers out already. And this shit will continue unti we put them on the defense.

  6. “You must not elect a leader that does not understand that Muslims are a cancer”

    We didn’t.
    Liberals, Blacks and assorted other stupid Ignoranuses elected a “leader” that knows exactly what muzlims are, supports them, encourages them, enables them and imports them!
    Any questions?

  7. Watch out for tomorrow IOTW peeps. The day of rage is the real deal. It won’t be limited to 37 cities. No matter how remote you live, arm up. And if you live in an urban area that goes double. If you live in Oakland, you are in real danger.

  8. Day of Rage: Check the fine print on your insurance policy for home and auto damage, destruction. Ground zero for the Seattle group is near us — in our section of town.

  9. So, the French police have “identifying documents” of the dead TUNISIAN terrorist truck driver, but no name has been released. Probably afraid of “backlash” against all those innocent, peaceful muzzrats living off the French welfare system.

  10. Yea well nobody that’s been here for a while doubted Menderman would find eventually find the right path after the manure hit the ventilator. Mendy just likes being the last guy in the bus.

  11. Loco, yea probably. 13 hour day, 105 today in Sac Town. Plus I tipped a few. Ya got me. Plus this god damn phone tries to figure out what I’m typing. Freaken pisses me off. Might be a target soon.

  12. “Freedom Can Go To Hell”

    You first quoranimal asshole. I’ll meet you there after living a long, full, enriched life, with joy, laughter and bacon.

    BAM BAM (doubletap)

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