It’s a RIPOFF!

I’m pretty good at hearing melodies stolen from other songs, and it drives me nuts.

Here is a good compilation.

Irony is good at this too, being a musician. I remember when Creep first hit the radio he immediately said, “hold on, that’s The Hollies.”

Thisis for him—>


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  1. There’s a local commercial that riffs off of Talking Heads’ Wild Wild Life. Drives me batty.

    There’s a person who deliberately calls himself Q Tip? Damn. Box Fan and his brother Floor Fan must be somewhere in the wings just waiting for their 15 minutes.

  2. Amazing there aren’t lawsuits since George Harrison had to pay 1.5 million after My Sweet Lord was found to be similar to He’s So Fine.

  3. Help me out here. Is the second video of two songs being played together done to show the similarities between the two? If so does the CREEP song actually contains the refrain from the Hollies song??? Id there a lawyer lurking in the background or has the song stumbled into public domain.

  4. When I heard Fleetwood Mac do “Don’t Stop” 40 years ago It sounded a lot like a song I remembered hearing in the mid 50’s but I just couldn’t put my finger on that particular song.

  5. I’m so gullible. I can hear it now that the two songs are played together, but I would have never put them together on my own.

    I like the mash up, particularly how the musicians divi-upped the drum kit.

  6. Helen Keller could have picked up on the stolen Hollies riff in that Creep song, simply by use of braille lip reading.

    It’s that blatant

  7. @Groucho: The riff from Spirit in the Sky (Norman Greenbaum) and La Grange (ZZ Top) has been used in a couple of hundred songs including Fried Hockey Boogie (Canned Heat) and Boogie Chillin (John Lee Hooker). A court has determined that this particular piece of music is in the public domain.

    The music world is fairly complicated in this regard. There is public domain, tranformative use, and other intellectual property rights concepts involved, and the whole thing gets pretty messy.

  8. Bongo, I was just getting ready to post that. He’s got many clever riffs that would lend themselves, stolen, to juvenile synth-pop but as far as I know, no one dares.

  9. My son has played electric guitar since he was 5. He’s 13 now and also strums a ukulele. Occasionally he does a free jam session with his instructor using the pentatonic scale. It literally sounds like every blues song ever written in one short 3-4 minute free jam session.

  10. It’s been said that music is the most plagiaristic of all the arts – there are only eight notes in the musical scale (plus some sharps/flats), and only so many ways to combine them.
    The really surprising thing about music is that people keep finding ways to make the same eight notes seem new and different.

  11. Weird Al was doing parodies of existing songs. He had to get permission to do it. He was turned down by the original composers on songs he wanted to parody. Michael Jackson LOVED Weird Al’s parodies of his songs.

  12. Vindication after all these years! I remember jamming in the basement of my house with Fur and some other guys, hearing Creep, playing the chords and then singing the Hollies song over them.
    A tip of the hat to The Moon Loungers for mashing that up all these years later. Those guys are really good, by the way.

  13. Plenty more where they came from; U2’s “Hello Hello” rips off The Supremes’ ” You Keep Me Hangin’On”,Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” is a rip off of The Heartbreakers’ “Won’the Back Down, etc.

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