It’s Official – Donald J. Trump Has Defeated Hillary Clinton – Hillary Concedes (by phone, not email)

All of the pundits were wrong. All of the Trump haters were wrong. The pollsters were wrong.

They were convinced, just as the sun will rise, that Trump was going to lose in a landslide.

Now they are on to their next prognostication – Trump will be a progressive. They say this even though none of Trump’s speeches contain any inordinate amount of progressivism.

They will not stop and consider that they may be wrong, even in the wake of a mountain of wrong thus far. These are the pointy-headed ones. The righteous. The smug. The lost.

Trump was not my first choice, but he was the only choice today. I do not have a thing in common with any person who thinks that Hillary Clinton wasn’t any worse than Trump. That is stunningly stupid and not worth debating.

Yes, the sun will rise tomorrow, and I will be supporting Donald Trump as I keep a watchful eye on him.

He is not a messiah, but damn close. He saved us from Hillary. But he still needs monitoring, as any representative does.

Thank you for sticking by this site for the 8 long Obama years.

I haven’t had a day off since Obama was first elected.

And I don’t intend on dropping the ball on the Trump watch.

It is important, and holding politicians accountable does not get a vacation.

I’m tired. I must get some sleep, now, but I’ll see you tomorrow.

God Bless America.


74 Comments on It’s Official – Donald J. Trump Has Defeated Hillary Clinton – Hillary Concedes (by phone, not email)

  1. Wow. Unbelievable. We don’t have to listen to that witch anymore! Thank you Donald. Now please, fix this mess our country is in!

  2. Do you realize what this means? Taxes are gonna drop huge! Gold is gonna go through the roof! The 2nd Amendment is gonna be expanded (I hope). And no frikin ObamaCare anymore – thank God. Let’s stop abortion 100% too.

    We’re gonna make America AMERICA again!

    Prayer works.

  3. Her entire life has been about this night. I almost feel bad that her dream is over, but then I remember who we are dealing with.
    I agree with Michael. Ding, dong.

  4. Trump owes you and the rest of the true conservative blogosphere a huge debt. Thanks for your tireless efforts in help getting this man elected.

  5. Now don’t let her slip away! Even if Obama pardons her convene a congressional investigation and chronicle all of her crimes and place them into the official records of the National archives! That way future historians and even lying leftist propaganda hacks will have to cite them in the history books.

  6. Way to go everyone we have a new President.
    Mr. HAT and all of the iOTW writers thank you for the hard work of keeping iOTW on point and helping in this huge win for our country.
    God has not forgotten us.

  7. And God Bless you BigFurHat. You deserve a day off.
    America is a safer place today. God Bless President Trump, and God Bless America again.

  8. I would like to thank this site and everyone here for lifting my spirits on a daily basis.
    Living under Obama has been hell on earth.

  9. Hey, Brietbart just put up a cool tee shirt. It’s red and says
    HISTORY November 8, 2016
    They won’t last. I ordered 2.

  10. And now the big question: Will certain members of the losing faction riot, loot, and burn in protest, or accept the reality that is a Trump Presidency?

  11. I would like to thank Bad Brad for all his comments on Trump. I think he did a great job
    explaining why we need DJT.
    He is the reason I voted for Trump.
    Great Job Brad

  12. Pepe! We did it!! Fabulous return watch party tonight for our volunteers.

    Fur, yes, we all need to be vigilant henceforth to whatever it is our elected officers are doing. But I will temper that tonight with the real and great expectation that Trump and Pence will be like soothing oil on the troubled waters of this country and need our understanding, compassion, admiration and active support. It’s no good to merely sit back and criticize our fellow Americans who have the guts, the vision and the skill to lead and to take up the mantle of responsibility. I’m not afraid of either man trying to screw us for personal gain. I’m not afraid of them being too stupid or inept to lead this country. I’m ready to serve along with them in any way that can make America great again!

  13. I can finally Bleach-Bit all of Eleanor’s pictures of Hillary from the Satan-Server and dump all my political cartoons of Hillary in the River Styx before the ice gets too thick.

    Hell has frozen over and, believe me, it’s sweeet. 👿

  14. this instills my faith in a Divine Providence that rules (blesses) our Nation

    when a leader is needed, a leader is presented

    … thank you Lord

  15. A lot of good people did a lot of
    praying for God to “give us this day”.
    Thank you Lord and may we all be
    worthy of the task he now sets
    before us.

  16. It has been HELL employment-wise for me the last eight years under Obama and I’ve NEVER had a problem getting a full-time job. Even under Clinton. All that struggle. All that pain. All that BULL💩 to have had to wade through. But God was with me all the way. And he led me here where I have found THE BEST community who has inspired me and cheered me on to keep going. Thank you BigFurHat for everything you’ve done for me and my family. I know this sounds like a speech fit for an Oscar win but I just need to say it. All that struggle makes this Trump victory for our country even sweeter. How much more sweeter it is when your lips are cracked and dry.


  17. Thank you to BFH and the good people here for helping to make the Obama years and the crooked Hillary campaign months bearable.

    God Bless America, our country has been saved!

  18. I’m a simple person and keep to myself. Live a simple life and don’t spend a lot ( on Social Security $$ ) and I pray 4/5 times a day. I don’t get over excited about anything However, I do hope Mr. trump will keep his promise’s and do what he has said. Then I might skip and jump for joy when I see the start of the exodus happening. Thank you MR. Hat and all iotw folks for the years of information. Now with The Lords help and guidance Mr Trump just might make America great once again. Peace…..

  19. Thank goodness for IOTW! It has been a place of refuge during these past crazy eight years. Congratulations to you Mr. Fur. You helped prevent the reign of Hillary – and considering the machine that was pushing her, that is no small feat.

    Laus Deo!

  20. Thank God! Our long national nightmare is nearly at its end and soon it will be morning again in America. Dear Lord, please bless and protect President Trump!

    Thank you, BFH, and iOTW peeps for being the shining light in the darkness that so many of us so desperately needed. God bless you. I love you all. Victory hugs and high-fives all around.

  21. Dittos to all the above now it’s time to pray for President Donald Trump and all the men and women who will be working with him to bring change WE can believe in.

  22. The old Bitch phoned it in! True to form. It’s gonna be fun to watch these two criminals on the run trying to keep one step ahead of the Law and those they owe BIG money to! I hope they die tired and penny-less!

  23. Tears of joy. I hate NBC Today Show but I can’t wait to see it this morning. Here’s a hanky, Matt lauer. You fucking cunt.

    Seriously though, hats off to IOTW and all the commenters. It’s been a long miserable 8 years.
    Barack obama? You’re standing where I want to piss. You’d best be moving on.

  24. Time for all the Progs to leave like they promised, can we shame them into going, we need a list, like Santa, naughty, show them the border.
    Their traveling clothes should be hemp shorts, flip flops and a hair shirt.
    The Biblical story of them sitting in the Clinton ashes, scratching at their Trump rash with a shard of pottery is joyful.

  25. Kudos to you Mr. Hat for keeping the message alive for the long long 8 past years. Now we all need to bend our knee and thank God for saving us from evil. The real fight will begin in January. May President Trump be up to the task.

    Our Father, Who art in heaven
    Hallowed be Thy Name;
    Thy kingdom come,
    Thy will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread,
    and forgive us our trespasses,
    as we forgive those who trespass against us;
    and lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil. Amen.

  26. Thank God for His mercy and grace. God answered our prayers and Mr.Trump will be the catalyst to heal America. “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn”. KJV, Proverbs 29:2. Time to rejoice.
    BFH, the iOTWr staff and commenters have helped keep a lot of us sane an I am very grateful for this site.

  27. God bless BFH, all my fine brothers and sisters here, and God bless America! I haven’t felt this great in over 8 years. And I feel another loud “Wooooohooooo” coming on……..😃


  28. God bless America! I went to bed early and anxious last night not knowing if Trump would win and wake up at 3 AM this morning to find out he’s our next President. Thank God for answered prayers, it’s going to be a great day and a great next 4 years. And the Clintons are finally gone after a bad 24 year nightmare, good riddance.

  29. Hellary is road kill. The Trump Train spared the country four and maybe eight years of being terrorize by another rabid leftist.
    Icing on a the cake is that Hellary is a soar loser and scared witless. Let the Clinton indictments and trials begin.

  30. Is anyone checking the list of the people leaving the country to make sure we don’t miss any of them? Or if they forgot we can remind them to make their travel plans now!!!!!! We need to check those trains, planes and automobiles!

  31. Hey central Virginia. Anyone interested in a victory party tonight? How about Capital Ale House in Glen Allen (innsbrook) at 6?

    Hit me at if you’re interested.

    We’re overdue for a reason to celebrate.

  32. Hillary just dinged her head on that glass ceiling she always goes on about. I’ve only been following iotw for a short time. It I have truly enjoyed the fine work you do. Thank you Mr. Hat for your efforts. I pray we will all stay vigilant in watching any elected official, but I am glad it will be President Trump we watch. I just so happy that we finally get to change that flat tire we’ve been driving on for eight years.

  33. And as of Wednesday morning the ABC News/ Washington Post poll has Hillary up by seven points over Donald Trump.

  34. If he follows through on his promises he will be one of the greatest Presidents ever, if he doesn’t he will be one of the worst. The ball is in his hands.

  35. Bazinga. God bless America. Note to Canada, New Zealand, Australia. Build a wall because if the nitwits from Hollywood attempt to keep their promises the IQ of your nations will drop by 40 points.

  36. Thank you BFH and IOTW community–you will never know how you have kept me putting one foot in front of the other the past 8 years. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Now, I have to leave to drive Ruth Buzzy Ginsberg to the airport so she can be the first to leave.

  37. Thank God. And iotw. And bfh. And all y’all. I have never been so happy to wake up with a hangover; it’s already fading but the hillary headache would have lasted years. A huge sigh of relief here in rural Virginia where we don’t talk much about politics –and are usually heard less.

  38. As happy as I am for the win and all it implies, we still need to do some rat work.

    All the behind-the-scenes people. The instigators. The organizers of all the violence. The communists that rioted on demand. The Podestas. The Ploufes. Soros. Etc.

    These people are still at destroying America and will be relentless in their agitation, lies and subversion.

    They are the real enemy that has not been defeated yet. They are just regrouping.

    Rat work is in order to keep the ship running all ahead.

  39. God has truly blessed the USA. We all need to pray that Trump and Pence will also be blessed in this difficult endeavor to achieve what needs to be done to restore this Great country!

    Thank you IOTWreport for all your news, information and entertainment along this long journey we made together.

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