It’s That Season Again!! Upcoming Midterms With a Republican President Can Mean Just One Thing!

With a republican president facing a midterm election the media has suddenly discovered an issue that goes buried during every democrat administration.

Of course, we are talking about………… the homeless problem.

There was virtually no talk of homelessness for the last 8 years. Obama, apparently, cured it.

Now, with Trump in office, people have suddenly lost their houses and are living all over the streets.

Friggin’ Trump!

Story HERE.


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  1. “In most of the country, homeless counts have continued to decline except on the West Coast in cities like Seattle and Los Angeles. Rate per 10,000 people (AP/Graphic).”

    And who runs those cities?

  2. Every major urban crap hole has
    been run by the Demon-ratz for
    over 60 years.Complete with plenty homeless.

  3. The same predictable trash when you have a large and mostly indifferent republic. They’re easily triggered by absurd accusations and temporarily stirred to action at the voting booth. A good reason why we should return to literacy tests before being allowed to vote.

  4. wait let me reread that, report from a year ago when BO was the puppet, or from next month? Some folks just want to be left alone, why they would want to camp on a sidewalk is beyond me. Some folks are invited from other countries to the west coast safe spot. Sometimes just changing how you count homelessness will give you the numbers needed for the intended results, ie the unemployment numbers from past 8 years.

  5. There are very few reasons to be without a job. My daughter works at a placement agency and she cannot find enough people that are unskilled that will work for $14 an hour.
    They will say they don’t want to drive or take the bus they don’t want to lift 40 pounds, they don’t want to work a swing shift, they don’t want to do a job that’s boring and they don’t want to not be able to use their phones while working.

  6. This happened in the 80s. Apparently, Reagan went door to door and kicked people out of their homes. Homeless, homeless, homeless. Bush continued the evil practice.
    In that period it seemed that every other news story was about the homeless.
    Then Clinton was elected. Within days, all the homeless got housing. Good houses too. Frickin’ miracle.

  7. Portland, completely controlled by democommies, has also become a west coast bum magnet. City leaders all scratching their heads wondering why that happened. Vacuumed up bums from all over the west with promise of free housing.

  8. @Not bidding

    And yet the same thing happened during the Reagan Administration. We had a record boom following years of stagnation and what do you know — homelessness exploded. So much so that they actually had to create a word — “homelessness” to describe it.

    Never made sense to me. I always thought that bad economic conditions created this situation — like in the Great Depression. But what would I know about the impact of economic conditions on homelessness — I majored in Economics

  9. I was saying this very thing to my mother yesterday. Oh the poor people in silicon valley making $75k + a year are homeless and living in campers and RV’s. Oh the horror. But it’s #137 million on things that are Trumps fault.

  10. Obama created a lot of homeless. People were losing jobs right and left.

    I remember Greta Van Susteran talking about how bad the conditions were all over the country.

    Obama can count homelessness as his legacy. Democrats love derelicts, they let them use the public streets in their cities as toilets.

  11. It’s the Associate Press and they get their marching orders from rich lefties behind the curtain. Don’t trust anything from them. It’s President and CEO is James Pruitt an alumnus of UC Berkely. Prior to AP he was the head of the McClatchey Company a newspaper conglomerate who leftwing stance at all their ooutlets is well known.


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