It’s With a Heavy Heart That I Have To Report the Banning of One of Our Readers

TripSeven shant be coming back again. Not after what he sent me in my e-mail.

This is only the “teaser.”chelsea5

Men. Please, please for the love of Scotty’s brogue, be careful clicking the read more. What you’ll see has been called the best “pop-up blocker” available today. Your penis may run away from home.



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  1. The taint comment above was supposed to be from Bill Clinton. That’s the kind of high concept comedy I like to share here at IOTW.

    Except they must Bloch using his name to post under.

    Fucking Feds.

  2. Is that a canker on her lip, or an O’Baja blue bottle feces fly?
    All that surgery and she still looks just like boot lipped Web Hubble.
    The ban hammer was obviously used without prejudice.
    Sorry TripSeven, see ya.

  3. Damn you Fur…do you know how many onion layers I had to wrap in and IP spoofers to be able to comment here again? I even had to rout through Hitlery’s stinky bathroom server to get here.

    Did you really have to give my now horrendously-tarnished screen name credit? I already spent three hours staring at the sun in a futile attempt to free myself from that vision.

  4. The EPA spilling the mine sludge into Colorado’s Animas River is nothing compared to the toxic horror that is about to be visited upon that body of water Chelsea is suspended over.

    Is that a finger poking out of her??

  5. You’re the captain of your own ship. You steamed over your own tow line.
    You gotta go.
    There will be no TripEight.


  6. Maybe because I’m a wimmins, but I kept looking at that face. Even after all that work, Webb’s visage is still there. I think it keeps growing back.

  7. Found that at work, saved the pic then zoomed in on her ditty so one couldn’t see her face. Grabbed a 21 yo coworker and asked him what he thought and he said “Hey, not bad” right around the time I zoomed out. Man can that guy punch hard.

  8. I do believe I meant to insert the name Chelsea between If and goes but without an edit feature because someone is too lazy to download a real browser we’re stuck with our mistakes. So then maybe we should call the missing edit feature, Obama?

  9. Don’t ask me why, but I went back…it’s awful! Why, dear God?

    I think she’s also…


    Are those red wings or is she also part red-assed baboon?

  10. She’s not grossly deformed. Fur, I dare you to put up the like pose of Rosie Odonnell.

    That would make men hold their manliness cheap.

  11. Are you kidding me?

    She’s a butter face and butter body. She’s double churned.
    And add in that she’s a progressive, and leapt from the loins of Hillary, it’s a trifecta.

  12. A face only a mother could love, and a guy who wants to enter politics.

    Speaking of which, when Hill and Huma go down, I bet the Weiner will rise. Please discuss amongst you all.

  13. You think she might have one of those fabled Oriental side-to-side types rather than a Caucasian up-and-down??

  14. Geezlus, a little MORE warning would have been appropriate. A 93 page policy to play angry birds and we get a little teaser for this….tragedy? C’MON.

  15. Oprah Winfrey is famous for needing the Seal Team Six of cosmetologists to ven go out in public.

    I could picture those talented individuals getting this assignment and thinking “fuck me”.

  16. Hey, do you remember the pic Fur posted after Madonna did the Super Bowl? She was doing some kind of vaulting over something and we got a vision of her same nether regions.

    This pic reminds me of that.

    Both made me vomit. Projectile.

    Got any tips on how to clean my keyboard and screen? Aww, fu*k it, I’ll just have to replace them.

  17. So here’s the E! Magazine headline:
    Chelsea Clinton’s Impressive Bikini Body on Display During Italian Vacation—See the Photos!
    Yes, they are referring to the same pics. Of course they think Moose is gorgeous too.

  18. At this rate, iOTW will be getting hits from this post instead of searches for “Danica Patrick naked.”


    I have learned who Web Hubbell is.
    I have seen a ButterFace.
    IOTW cares.

  19. Damn! I’m sorry but that girl is ugly. Wonder how much they had to pay Mezvinsky to marry her. Whatever it was, it wasn’t enough.

  20. what a special couple. typical vacay for 20 somethings. a sandinia scuba fest with other celebutards.

    and don’t forget hubby’s gut and boobs.

    dreadful looking couple.

  21. Vince Foster says, “In June of ’79, I told Webb not to go in there without an overcoat on. He didn’t listen. But then again, I’m not a good one to offer advice about Killary.”

  22. GAK!

    You really should include the (by now) nearly obligatory ‘shop of that chick who was doing her Pythonesque best run away from Saint James O’ the Lucky Charms.

  23. If she didn’t mean to publish this photo on the Net, is it right to post it here (or anywhere else)? Shouldn’t respect for the general principle of personal privacy call for taking it down? I don’t think anyone should be treated this way, not even a Democrat.

  24. Holy Moly!!!!!!! I have not laughed this much in a long time. The comments are hilarious. The people who comment here are the funniest on the entire interwebs………

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