I’ve Concluded That Lefties Have Wires Touching In Their Heads That Shouldn’t

Heather Hyer’s mother, Susan Bro (Bro?), has slowly (uh huh) evolved to the position that it’s TRUMP’S FAULT that her daughter was killed in Charlottesville when a dumb bastard drove into a crowd of people.

Here’s her reasoning. -> “because he definitely pushes forward a hateful agenda.”


After Heyer’s death, Trump claimed there were “very fine people” on both sides. Bro disagrees. “Nazis: bad people. White supremacists: bad people,” she says. “And I don’t see that you can call it any other way.”

You see, wires touching.

Trump did not say that there are some “good Nazis, ” you sluggish turd. He was saying that in the clash between Antifa and their targets, there exists good people who are getting targeted. WHICH IS TRUE!

I guess Miss Moo Moo would agree with the president in part, agreeing that Antifa has some “very fine people” too. Only, Trump didn’t say that either.

What Trump was getting at is that in the view from space, these violent clashes on the front lines get the headlines. But on both sides there exists in the periphery people doing it right. They are peacefully, and constitutionally, airing their grievances in the public square.

Trump was also sick and tired of Antifa being painted as a pure as the driven snow, righteous, heroic resistance group, while his supporters were all Neo-Nazis.


Sorry for your loss, lady, but you’re a dipchit.

23 Comments on I’ve Concluded That Lefties Have Wires Touching In Their Heads That Shouldn’t

  1. Crossed wires in the libs heads is the best explanation I have heard. Otherwise their hatred and ignorance is inexplicable.

  2. I too am sorry for her loss. I hope she never regrets seeking her “15 minutes of fame” on her daughter’s grave.

  3. Orwell diagnosed it accurately: The Left (and totalitarianism generally) attracts people with mental illness.
    These mentally ill then inflame and incite each other to act out ever more insanely.
    For attention. For catharsis. And to give voice to the demons screaming inside their underdeveloped brains.
    And unlike Orwell’s time, 75-90% are now on psychotropic drugs.

    These people scream to be institutionalized.

    If they succeed in overthrowing Western Civilization and they got the Totalitarian Utopia they have been told they should want, the first thing their New Rulers would do is have them all shot.

  4. A more interesting question – whatever happened with the perp? No updates, story fizzled out and the Dems wouldn’t let a story that colors Trump as a white supremacist go if there wasn’t a reason. Too mentally ill to stand trial?

  5. BFH-With all due respect, I’ve come to a different conclusion. The lefts head is just one giant vacuum of absolute nothing. Just a big dark black hole. (Crap! Now I’ll probably be called racist)

  6. Her snowflake wouldn’t be dead if her mother didn’t program her to be a foam flecked activist that put herself into a dangerous space. The only reason that this happened is that the left had become violent, which scared the C’ville female cop who fled the scene in her cruiser which was supposed to be blocking that street. I believe the kid in the car got frightened too and was trying to escape the crazy people.
    Accidentally hit the snowflake.

  7. So… It’s because of Trump that there’s one less AntiFa street soldier? Yeah… I think I hear my… uh… I’d best leave now…

  8. Wait, didn’t final autopsy report conclude her daughter died from a heart attack? She was a BIG GIRL. Sounds like improper eating habits might have been to blame.

  9. if heathers mother had been a proper parent her child would not have become enamored with antifa pukes. if there is anyone to blame its herself.

  10. Enjoying the spotlight shining on her from her own daughter’s grave. The epitome of the left taking advantage of down or out people.

  11. Wire that shouldn’t be touching. Perfect, but perfect!

    I wish I could write that wire-touching sound and smell-a-blog could produce the acrid smell of burning, Leftist ozone.

  12. Heyer wasn’t a big girl. She was a friggin’ waddlin’ land whale. Her fellow punks spooked the young guy in the car and Heather was too slow and fat to get out of the right-of-way.

  13. Hateful.

    Um. Ms Heyer? Take a little visit to Melania Trump’s twitter page and read through the replies left on her tweets if you want to see hateful.

    Go visit Steve Scalise and have him recount the events of June 14 if you want to see hateful.

    Trump isn’t the one who is hateful you dimwitted crank.

  14. Oh I saw this happening during the hoopty televised memorial service for her daughter.
    She waddled up on the stage a sad, tired, childless white woman. By the time she hit all the SJ cliches to roaring applause, she’d morphed into Shaun Kings mother.


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