Jeb! Defends Gun Tweet, Libs suffer severe panty twist

jeb bush gun tweet

ABC: Jeb Bush is facing backlash after showing off his gun on social media during a campaign stop in Columbia, South Carolina.

The former Florida governor posted a photo of his engraved firearm on Twitter Tuesday and captioned it “America.”

When asked by a reporter about his tweet, Bush appeared unaware, asking her, “the picture of the gun?”

After being briefed about the tweet posted from his account, Bush went on to say he was “honored” to have been gifted a gun by gunmaker FN America, which has a manufacturing plant in Columbia.  MORE

17 Comments on Jeb! Defends Gun Tweet, Libs suffer severe panty twist

  1. Liberals were offended by the photo of a gun next to the name of our God-loving country??

    Say it ain’t SO!!

  2. Looks like he’s getting more desperate by the day. Let’s hope he doesn’t pull a Full Weiner by the end of the month!

  3. You don’t want someone with his intellectual prowess to be handling even a Super Soaker. 🙄

    That gun matches his IQ.

  4. what is that, an M&P? Just shows that even liberals like guns, they only want to ban YOUR guns!

    I always carry empty chamber safety off. When SHTF I’ll get a little friskier.

  5. @mja ~ Trump already has a ‘concealed-carry’ permit. I think he knows where the ‘business end’ of a pistol is located
    …. jus’ sayin’… 😉

  6. Memo from FN to Jeb!: Please note that instrument has two basic
    ‘parts’. Each part is at basic right angles to one another. Please grasp the side that has the shorter, tangential (that is; not quite 90 degree angle to the opposing piece) angle, with the checkered designs. This will be furthermore be called the ‘grip’. Be sure to not grasp the object so that the piece with the round, 90 degree circle is pointed towards your person. There is a further appendage called the ‘trigger group’ that will face away from you upon proper operation of this instrument.

    ….oh, fuque it…….go to your nearest NRA representative for instructions that include very nice pictures

  7. To jeb, the most important part of that firearm is his name on it. Who photographs a treasured gun at that angle?
    Bet mom and dad know him well enough to forbid him to own any bullets. Not even a Barney Fife single.

  8. It’s a very weak gun, a very weak gun, low energy, very low energy. they should stop making it. The brother to this gun didn’t keep us safe.

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