Jeff Sessions’ Involvement With the KKK

8 Comments on Jeff Sessions’ Involvement With the KKK

  1. Meanwhile, Robert KKK Byrdbrain was their mentor and former leader of the democrats in the Senate.
    George Orwell was off by a few years when he wrote 1984.

  2. the dems, the Left, the Progs … all of them are petulant children
    people with Arrested Development that never made it past Junior High School Student Council

    I am done w/ pitying them … they deserve nothing but scorn

    … & a severe buttwhippin’… w/ a fresh Goldenrod switch

  3. So he was asked about accepting an award from some group (I missed the name) that Cheney and Lieberman (and someone else) received as well. Does he back these people? He should give the award back!!! Guilt by association and all that bullcrap. And all I could think of was all the countries that gave to Killary, Is she returning the money? (rhetorical)
    I love Senator Sessions and I am glad and proud he is my senator. I am also happy that such a calm, reasonable, smart, constitutional man has the ear of DJT.

  4. @Phenry – yes, it was Rush. He delivered the line perfectly, as what seemed like an offhand comment, immediately before he went to break. I was driving so I couldn’t ROTFL.

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