Jefferson Jackson Dinners Being Rebranded Obama Dinners

Democrats have fund raised by holding annual Jefferson Jackson dinners named in recognition of the party founder and foundation builder. They are dumping these two iconic presidents and renaming their dinners after the most recent democrat to serve as president, Barrack Obama.  More

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  2. What kind of altered /drug induced dimension are these morons living in? Are they Reverend Jim Jones disciples that somehow survived the spiked vat of Kool-Aid?

  3. Michelle, given her school lunch success, is responsible for the menu, so you know that’s gonna go over well.

  4. Seriously, Slick would be totally image-rehabbed by now, at least for the purpose of the stupid Dinner name, but his wife just had to drive the brand into a ditch.

  5. They should move it to August and rebrand it an “Obama-que.” Of course that might mean the elites might have to rub elbows with the unwashed common folks and they wouldn’t want that (unless it guaranteed votes and campaign donations).

  6. How many ways can human waste be cooked and baked?

    No bowing but bloviating required.

    Of course it becomes man(get it?)datory to bring a tranny date.

  7. Exclusive Menu:
    Maui Waui Joint – Free
    Bag of Doritos – $1,000ea.
    Specially prepared selections from Michele’s “Let’s Move” menu – $1000/plate.
    Opting out of Michele’s “Let’s Move” menu – $5000/person.
    Kool Filter King Cigarettes – $500/pack
    Kool Filter King Singles – $50ea.

  8. By standards of the Democrat Party (for the past 8+ decades), neither Jefferson or Jackson would be considered Democrats.
    Both would be eternally grateful by not having their good names drug through the mud by being called democrats.

    The Democratic-Republican Party was an American political party formed by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in 1791.

    Jackson first ran for president in 1824, in which all candidates were Republicans.
    Jackson ran for president again in 1828 as a candidate for the Democratic Party. Martin Van Buren organized his campaign, championing Jackson as a war hero and as a spokesman for the common man. Jackson advocated democracy and opposed elite privilege, personified by John Quincy Adams.

  9. You have to wonder whether this is going to cost the Dems huge in the donation department. I imagine there are a lot of people that still call themselves Democrats who have cringed over what’s been happening to their party since Clinton but would still go to this dinner because of the name to honor what the party used to stand for. This now gives them a chance to ditch it. It could cost them lottsa dough. I hope so.

  10. Obama dinner.
    Let Michelle do the menu, like she did for school children.
    Out dated rancid meat, spoiled fruits and vegetables…..luckily they we small portions.

    Another excellent change by President Trump.

  11. Why not the George Jefferson/Michael Jackson dinner?
    Those two made more contributions to society than the putz who walks like a girly-man.

  12. Jefferson turned to Jackson & said, “Just think, a few years ago he would be serving us coffee” …. at least that’s what Bill Clinton told me

  13. Both Jefferson & Jackson would probably be so disgusted with what democrat party has become they’d be pleased to no longer be used to as fund raisers.

  14. Can’t have a dinner named for two white men for the new, all-POC Democrat party. 0bama is about the only liberal black politician who hasn’t been outed for doing something illegal and immoral. Not saying he hasn’t done anything, only that he hasn’t been publicly accused.



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