Jenner on congressional baseball tragedy: ‘Liberals can’t even shoot straight’

RAP: Asked during a discussion at the College Republican National Committee’s convention to comment on the violent attack on a GOP baseball practice earlier in the week, Caitlyn Jenner quipped, “Liberals can’t even shoot straight.”

Video of Jenner’s remarks, which were delivered at a dinner closed to press on Friday, was posted to Facebook Live by a College Republican group in Virginia.

“Nobody deserves what happened out there,” Jenner began. “There’s no justification.”


17 Comments on Jenner on congressional baseball tragedy: ‘Liberals can’t even shoot straight’

  1. well damn Bruce …. you can’t shoot at all anymore

    ….. ‘self-inflicted wound’ I’d say ….

    Next dummass comment fro the leftard idiots … step up, step up!

  2. Cut the video to just that sound bite and send it viral with a caption “Caitlyn Jennings showing sympathy to republicans shot by Democrat Party member”

  3. My comment isn’t about this mental case. It’s about “commies/leftists/demonicrats can’t shoot straight” meme. I would caution all AntiSocialist Patriots not to rely on this tactic.

    The bespectacled 66 y.o. deranged commie, harmless-looking fatman with a ChiCom surplus SKS made at least four hits, possibly two in the torso of Matt Mika, for a total of five hits. That’s four WIA, two, but for immediate Level 1 Trauma care (Scalise) and possibly Mika, would be KIA. Also, but for a fusillade of return pistol fire, would have continued shooting at unarmed victims. The Dallas shooter, the Baboon Rouge shooter, the list is long. They all made brave men permanently dead.

    The ubercommie Democrat, Lee Harvey Oswald got off three rounds at a moving target to include one neck then one headshot from piece of shit Italian 6.5mm Carcano, bolt action rifle.

    Never underestimate people dedicated to killing you.

  4. “My new dictum: whoever takes the life of another should not be captured alive, even if they surrender!”

    That would mean I should be killed if I shoot back and win in defense.

    I think your dictum needs refining. Too simplistic and broad – catches the good guys too. JMO

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