Jingle Bells

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  1. Geoff, my defense against Songs that are catchy and create ‘ear worms’ is to change the lyrics into amusing and poignant rhymes about my Dog, Angus.
    Or extremely low brow dirty humor, involving sex and or bodily functions.
    Singing these out loud grants me a clear path through the Christmas crowds.

  2. OK. Once per season. NO MORE. This barking dog’s not getting a royalty, so …

    And how often does a reindeer have to run over grandma before she’s DEAD??

  3. @Rotty, LOL, I had a Rotty, it was a 30 minute argument to get him to wear a muzzle to the vet, hat, never happen. Was an awesome rescue, he spoke German, the HS was going to put him down, he wouldn’t do anything. It was funny as hell, they didn’t speak German, he didn’t speak bleeding heart.
    Liver cancer, he was 12, miss him still.

  4. A friend of the family had a Rotty who when she was mad at the ‘dad’ would go dig all his clothes out of the hamper and drag them near the front door. lol. He always said, “was I married to her in another life?”


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